Thursday, December 10, 2009

TSA Workers Abuse Senator's Two- Year-Old Grandson

Have these people no common sense? No...really not at all.

My 2 1/2 year old grandson was happily walking with his parents and three sisters to go on an airplane ride to their new home and job. (Yes, they left us. We will really miss the great times and enjoy the memories.)

Davis's Nemo backpack was hoisted onto the conveyor belt and he walked through the metal detector with no problem.

But, in the Nemo backpack was a Fisher Price talking car that I had given him as he left my house. The screener didn't know what it was. So, a group of them searched the Nemo pack and found the little racer. There was no problem with the toy.

"Whose pack is this?" barked the bright one.

"It is my son's," said my son.

Davis is 2 1/2 mind you. And, he doesn't like strangers. It took a couple of days to warm up to his grandparents when they moved here. The offending article...which was removed from the pack had been acknowledged to be a toy.

Yet they decided that Davis needed to be patted down. Mind you...he had just gone through the metal detector without any problems.

So this big, strange man approached the toddler and began to pat him down. Davis was screaming! At this point the guy calls over his supervisor and asks if he has to continue the pat down.

"Yes. You do," said the thick sculled supervisor and the bright one goes at the kid again. Davis was absolutely hysterical. The parents were aghast. Say anything and they kick you off a plane!

Was there any rationale or justification here? NO.

The boy went through the detector fine...but they decided to physically put their hands all over him (he was not standing still but trying to escape). Do that any place else and they could be arrested!

At NO time should a stranger be allowed to frisk a child. If a kid does not pass the check point then the parent can remove a belt or pocket item until the child clears the portal. But this show of government power was unwarranted, harmful, and unrestrained.

Remember...there can be no parental complaints allowed... if you want on the plane that is. They sure as hell would have gotten one if I had been there.

Obama...what would you think if your daughters were physically touched up and down and between the legs by strangers? I am guessing you wouldn't like it!
Tell your screeners to get their hands off our kids!!! No buzzer? No brutes! ...sounds a little perverted to me!

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strawberryblonde said...

This is common TSA practice. I have a severely disabled family member confined to a wheelchair. TSA provides a family-free (non-verbal family member is on their own) aisle for frisking and wanding because let's face it, my family member is probably faking it.

TSA goes up both legs to the crotch, down the back and out both arms with their hands. Granted, there are sick individuals out there who will hide contraband in diapers, wheelchairs and special equipment items.

The pendulum has swung too far in the attempt to keep our nation "free". God bless us all.