Thursday, December 31, 2009

CPS Death Investigations To Be Haulted

Looks like the department has been working on legislation to do away with death investigations on minors who have died unexpectedly but of obvious causes. This new policy would apply if there was CPS involvement during the 12 months before death. Car accidents and deaths after long illnesses would be exempt from investigation. Falling off a cliff on a hike...I suppose would qualify.

They want to save money by not investigating deaths that are "clearly accidental." So, what is the definition of "clearly accidental?" There is none. Now we shift to human instinct I guess.

If this passes the vulnerable are now at greater risk of dying. Guaranteed no investigation???? Great... just hold the nose of a severely disabled or ill child. There will be no investigations.

The ability to decide which death gets investigated and which does not is truly too much trust to be given to a department that clearly, based on its own track record, does not deserve it.

An evil person could then just send a two year-old to play Handy Manny behind his car and obvious accident.

There are a lot of truly evil people out there. David Da Vilar Fox has been working on this legislation. He knows I am interested in these subjects but he didn't invite me to attend the "community partners" meeting this fall.

He should run a pubic trap line on this instead of trying to run it past us.


Anonymous said...

So, they want to be on the "don't ask, don't tell" program. This is what we encourage people in recovery from drugs to change. If a family has a "closed" system, that is, they don't allow family to ask or tell but to have family secrets, then counseling encourages them to open up and discuss family trauma.
Well, here it is. CPS, you are being counseled to get off the "don't ask, don't tell" program because it is not healthy for you or your forced clients.

Anonymous said...

CPS does not want the public to know the truth about the "Child saving industry."
The truth is that CPS does not save or protect any children except by accident and they are solely responsible for over seventy-five percent of all maltreatment occurring to children.
They kidnap,exploit, victimize and kill children for PROFIT.

Anonymous said...

It's all about the might dollar. So sad in a country that really is not that old. I'm surprised that CPS isn't on the "Stock Market" with the greed that is going on and the way they trade children as they do.

Anonymous said...

I think CPS is just a legalized (black) market baby profiteering. My sister has had 3 kids taken from her cause CPS says her IQ is not high enough. So are they saying that anyone who does not go to college should not have children? Who are they to tell people they should not have kids? Who are they to try to play god with peoples lives. All they care about is profit. I do not understand how government officials can sit by and let this happen. Especially the ones who speak out about how EVIL CPS IS!