Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Honduras Update

This is from a WA State couple that have a hospital out on the northern shore, very rural, Honduras. They have some real adventures to tell. I enjoyed lunch with them one afternoon and we were fast friends. In their words:

"The Honduran electoral process has been completed. On November 29, Hondurans flooded to the polls in an outpouring of democratic pride and national honor. We’ve not heard about any agitation, violence, disruption, or unfair voting practices. The international community monitored the process (5 missionaries from Loma de Luz were official observers). The voting was orderly, and there was no suggestion of fraud. The winner of the Presidential race has been declared to be Porfirio (Pepe) Lobo, but the real winner was the country itself. It matters less who will be President than the fact that Hondurans chose their President honestly and fairly.
However, intrigue with Former President Zelaya persists. He variably declares that he’s seeking political asylum in another country (Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela), that he’s leaving the Brazilian Embassy, or that he’s demanding to be reinstated to office. The current President Micheletti recently stated that the only way Zelaya is leaving the Brazilian Embassy is if an alien spaceship comes to get him. So, short of a flying saucer landing…."

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