Sunday, December 20, 2009

"Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness"

I met with high-up leaders on the issue of CPS lies. I was told that those who lied in the department would face consequences.


Stuth Case...0
Lilly's Case...0
Councilmember Mowery's Case...0
Shave Case...50% (the family had the money for a lawyer...I will talk about this case as time allows)

Lilly's case is just one. Multiply it by hundreds and then add the cases where kids are killed because the department does nothing...and what do you have?

Lilly's mother writes: "To the people who think that the state will actually give you two visits per year....If you relinquish your rights you are wrong to believe them. Do not believe them. I saw "lilly" for 2 hours on Mother's Day and was supposed to get to be with her for Christmas. I haven't got to see her... that was supposed to be my 2nd visit of the year! Now they say I had my yearly visit with her on Mother's Day. Well what happened to the Christmas one DSHS? Huh? Tell me that. Do not believe them."(Lilly's mother)

Lilly is probably in Mexico right now with her paternal Great Grandparents. She can leave the state to go to Mexico for two weeks at a time.

This is all so sad to see. This extended family is just torn apart over this. When Lilly asks about her mother and maternal grandmother what is she being told?

I bet with all the hate that has been generated it will be impossible for the GGM to even allow visits with the other side of the family. This is absolutely SICK. I can't stand to know of this. I am losing any hope for the new leadership. Just people do not let things like this happen.


Anonymous said...

I have contated about 30 organizations today for publicity for Madison. I just got off Live Chat with the National Cancer Institute who was very interested in the term that "anyone who has had cancer cannot adopt a child in the state of washington". That is very illegal and violates the ADA I was told. I am going for huge media attention for this case as Madison is suffering emtionally badly. Our 2 year old grandson kisses her picture daly and wants her home..... How many families and children are going to be hurt over this case of gavernment abuse? And how many thousands of dollars of txpayer money?

Anonymous said...

DSHS/CPS rips families apart, pits one against the other and then goes on about their lives. Your family is left in broken little pieces. But where will we be in 10 years when the Lilly's of our state are teens? What will they have learned? Get ready because it will not be good.

warmheart said...

My Heart Goes Out To All The Mother's.But in my case, CPS placed three boys in my home six weeks ago and thier mother has called maybee 10 times and have been over to see them 6 times,She can see her children anytime but she doesnt..Cps needs to be fixed..

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how any of this is being allowed. This breaks my heart. I will be calling the Northwest Justice project to see if I can get an attorney for myself and one for my great niece and nephews. These workers are mental and should not be allowed to make decisions for children. CPS needs to be dismantled in it's current form. My heart goes out to this family and others as well. We need to fight people or it will only get worse.

Anonymous said...

Getting back to a previous post, here is a public policy discussion on privatization that is telling.

Anonymous said...

Here perhaps is one of the most important discussions on relative placement and financial state incentives explained simply to date. This is particularly important because it explains relative rights and bonuses provided by the Fostering Connections to Success that will be implemented in January. One of the rules is that CPS must inform extended families their rights and options. It will be interesting to see if the state CPS follows this mandate.

Anonymous said...

This is also important. Fostering Connections also addresses the relatives in poverty issue and seeks to remedy the discrimination. Here is a quote:

(relatives) may lack homes that meet the
program’s strict and extensive foster care licensing
standards. To address this concern, the Fostering
Connections act does allow CPS to waive non-safety
related foster care requirements for relatives on a case-bycase
basis. Right now, it is unclear exactly what this means
as the Administration on Children and Families still has
not issued its regulations governing the program.
Once the regulations are issued, however, CPS should
carefully structure a waiver process that complies with the
regulations but still accommodates the circumstances of
low-income relatives.

So, to summarize, relatives through Fostering Connections to Success have the option of adoption or guardianship and cannot be discriminated against regarding income and housing.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

I believe that guardianship is just as permanent an option as relative adoption except for one thing and this is a biggie: If a relative later wants to give the kid(s) to the parents it is a relatively simple process in comparison to adoption. This may be appropriate where it can take longer for young parents to mature than the state has patience and money for. Washington State opts for adoption over guardianship although I am surprised at the number of guardianships that do take place. It happens and it is a great option. Legislators are still trying to reduce guardianships even with the Federal guidelines being quite clear on this. They want to reduce the financial incentives for guardianship so that relatives will choose adoption. I do not know what Washington is doing with this currently. Rep. Kagi would know because she is in charge of the implementation last I knew. She is being somewhat quiet about what is going on and needs to have a bunch of relatives call her to demand implementation of all possible resources.

Anonymous said...

You are a much bigger person than I. I never had hope for the new leadership,a leopard does not change it's spots. They only bring in the ones that "follow the leader"

Anonymous said...

I just called the Governor's office again. CPS told my brother he would get to see his grandchildren on Christmas. Now they are telling him it's too soon for the children to see him! More mental games. Also I talked with one of the workers last week and she tried to use her psychology on me. Well I reversed it on her and said "What will these CPS worker say to their maker when they meet him" She then mentioned she is involved with a religious youth group!" When she realized what she exposed to me she said she would no longer be on this case as of next month and I would have to tal;k to her supervisor! Hmmmmmm. After going through foster parenting classes I discovered that these foster parents are church going people who are there to foster to adopt! Are they inflicting their religious belifes on our children! In my family we teach the true history of Christmas which is a ancient Mesopotamian 12 ceremony to ward off Kaso, not about the birth of Jesus! Foster children are supposed to spend holiday's with their biological family and foster parents are not allowed to celebrate/inflict their beliefs on foster children. On the "" website there is an article that this government just granted funding to stop child traffiking, but are doing nothing about it in their country! I called the Northwest Justice Project and they will be calling me back. They were not happy with what I told them was going on with CPS and the foster care system.

Anonymous said...

What I discovered in my county is that DSHS protects its own, even when they are clearly in the wrong. The new administration is walking in on THAT culture, not one that promotes accountability. A raw fear exists in admitting flaws and fear is powerful. Add the Federal guidelines, judges who don't want change because the current system means they don't have to think much, special interest groups who want to revise the definition of family to satisfy their agenda, laws that give way too much decision making power to those with immunity,and a governor who is insensitive to family preservation, and what they have is a real political nightmare. All these groups are completely enmeshed in each other in an unhealthy way but like so many who don't want to change, they will fight to the death to maintain the status quo.
DSHS admin has to unravel this mess to create healthy change and I can hear the loud murmurs of objections and emotional overreactions to the new ideals. Meanwhile families suffer and children are traumatized. This is what I hear the Senator complaining about with the stated cases. Nothing is being done to correct the deficits to help these particular families. I would like to know why. Please respond DSHS and the judiciary.

Anonymous said...

I would like to try and get a protest going in Olympia. Anyone with me? If so my contact info is
It's time we damand accountabilty people.

Anonymous said...


Perjury, Lies and Fraud is what the department commits everyday.

When it was asked in a packed room at the capitol what should be done about it..

One year and 1 day in good time for the destruction of a family by the above mentioned means.

If I remember correctly the applause was deafening.

The department case builds, just as the police do.

Anonymous said...

It's time the CPS and the Family Court System in America STOP exploiting our children for PROFIT.

Our Government is spending too much time and money on other country's and their human rights
issues when the American Family Court System: Probate, Juvenile and Family courts are bilking families and exploiting our children by 'whores of the court'

It's time to take our courts BACK from money grubbing lawyers and their Guardianship Racket SCAMS

Anonymous said...

I have a case that for three years now the DSHS has been purpusely interfearing with a Superior Court order to have my two girl parented by myself. As of today I have not been aloud to even talk with them on a phone to tell them things will be ok. Yet to this day the case worker that the department continuse to finance is not in jail. I read a ruling once that stated basickly when those that are supose to uphold the law break the law all you will have is anarcky, are we ever geting so close. Just look at your news!lost father

Anonymous said...

An addition to "There was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe" By Jan Smith

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe
She had so many children, she didn’t know what to do
She gave them all broth without any bread
Then whipped them all soundly and put them to bed

The next day there was a loud knock on the door
And standing behind it were cops lined up four
Along side of them a woman stood with an edict
The court said “take them all” so she heeded it

The mother screamed loudly upon deaf ears
The children hysterically shed many tears
But that didn’t faze the stone faced one
As she pushed and dragged out each little son

The mother watched helplessly as they took her brood
Away, away, as far as they could
She saw her youngest tapping on the glass
Yelling “mommy mommy” as they drove past

The mother collapsed in the driveway
She never got over the trauma they say
Now staring in darkness with a blank sad look
Next to the stack of colorful story books

Things could have been different with a little help
The kids could have stayed instead of the hand that was dealt
Now each child is in prison and a drop out from school
Away from a mother who loved them inside of their shoe

Lovingfitfather said...

Without false witness 99.999 percent of our children wouldn't be intentionally failed by Child Welfare.
The current Status Quo of CPS requires false witness.

Anonymous said...

I have a novel approach, I'm suing the foster mother for custodial interference not in the "Best interest of child," Alienation of affection Ie Unjustifiable parental alienation with malice and forethought knowingly in collusion with the corruptive practices of CPS.
I believe she will be accountable.
I am offering her a "Hold Harmless Clause if she rolls over on CPS and admits her part.
I will be keeping Pam Roach and CC Tillet informed as THE CASE DEVELOPS.

Tim said...

DSHS is another broken, untrustworthy, typical government agency. Reading these posts one can not even wonder why people don't trust the any level.

Somewhere along the line, people in charge of whatever it is they are in charge of will do the right thing in spite of regulations and expose corruption by first not taking part in it.