Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lilly In Limbo...Randy Hart Rewrites History But Not The CPS Handbook

The Willard family has been trying for months to have their granddaughter returned to them. After lies by the department there was a second home study ordered. The results were phoned in to the grandparents today.

No one has a copy of the study yet. CPS wants you to suffer without the study in hand. I maintain they called just to feel the pain in some one's heart. I mean...if they had just mailed the study they could not have heard the cry in response. Why else would you have someone wait 8 months and then not just mail it to them. What was the rush except to be the bearer of bad news!

Three sins were recounted according to the messenger:

1. The grandparents rent and do not own a home,

2. The grandparents have had financial problems (bankruptcy a few years ago).

3. The grandmother reportedly is in poor health (unknown source). She is rumored to have breast cancer.

For the sake of consistency I mentioned to Randy Hart (apparently he still works there) that we don't take kids for reasons of renting...or financial condition...or over rumors.

"This is not our best work," said Hart to me.

"Then you should correct your errors and get it right," I said. (Good gosh...a child is in the balance here. Hart is the consummate ass cover for the department.)

Hart said that the department was making changes and the Stuth Case was a good example of that. O.K. so I went after him for that stupid statement and reminded him that the department argued for placement with the drunken foster adopt woman, in the court room, just 18 hours after the 4 year-old was removed on an emergency basis from the same foster woman from which they removed the child. All this proving that Mr. Hart is a revisionist when it comes to history. NO ONE CAN DEAL WITH SOMEONE WHO DOES NOT WANT TO MAKE CHANGES SUSAN. GET RID OF THE RIFF-RAFF. YOU WILL NEVER KNOW TRUTH WITH A GUY LIKE HART WASTING MY TIME AND YOURS.

So...then Hart proceeds to tell me the real reasons that Lilly will not be going back with the good grandparents that raised her from birth. All rumors....

Tune in tomorrow for the grandmother's defense. See again the differences in the way people are treated. See why maybe the hope was false. After all, if you can not correct your errors...but only justify are dishonest to the people and should be replaced. We demand a higher standard and we demand a standard that is already set in law.

I suggested to Mr. Hart that the report had better state the facts of all the community service awards received by Mrs. Willard, the grandmother. He was pretty silent. I am guessing he has read the study though he claims he did not. And, he knows that he has to go back and put that stuff in there. It wasn't in the first home study either. I complained about it and posted pictures of the trophies on this blog. I am guessing they will use this blog to find the stuff....How funny is that?


Anonymous said...

The foster/adopt people that adopted my daughter had two foreclosers and a bankruptcy in their past. Wonder if they were dishonest on the homestudy forms. I found it in a matter of seconds via internet! Financial problems?? They seem to refinance every couple of years. I suspect some gambling problems.
Bottom line is DSHS does not follow the rules. If it does not generate federal monies they go for the bucks and trample lives.
Lip service is not going to work much longer. I know I am fed up along with a fast growing number of other citizens.

Anonymous said...

"Not our best work?" Isn`t Mr. Hart admitting in a round about way the dept. was wrong? Secretary Dreyfus, if you read this, getting rid of Randy Hart would be a big beneficial start to helping to keep families together. Start with him and work your way down. I think a lot of us were under the impression that employees would be fired for lying. There`s been no action behind those words yet or some of these children would have already been returned to the people they were wrongly taken from. I would love to see some positive things in the media.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable, If the requirements for keeping ones children are to be based on home ownership vs. renting, financial difficulties and personal health issues. The majority of Americans would have to give up the rights to their children as the majority of Americans fall in at least one if not all of these categories.

Ironically, CPS removes children based on basic life circumstances and false character accusations/allegations. I wonder where the children of CPS employees would be if children were removed for those who Criminally Violate Policy, Procedure, Legislation, Perjury, etc... These are the very characteristics which are keeping children from returning to their families, yet are being committed by the Department.

Anonymous said...

If you want an eye opening experience, just attend the FREE foster care training. I advise everyone in the Cps trap to do so. It becomes apparent that there is an extremely discriminatory basis for child placement and it has nothing to do with the best interest of the child. The vast majority of people in the classes I went to were foster adopt. Let's look at who was in the class.
First, there was a black woman with clear mental health issues who fight parents when it comes to getting their kids back. She had done foster parenting before and interfered regularly with visitation. She believed that she was "chosen" to have kids placed with her and that they should never go home. Then there was the obese woman who walked in with a crutch and could hardly breath. She had more health problems than what could be listed. How about the wife of a guy who came in and started discussing his long standing drug/alcohol issues inappropriately and had been supposedly sober only a few months. These are the ones applying for our kids and grandkids AND getting them. I feel confident every single one of them will be approved.
I believe a discrimination suite against the state is in order with nothing more than case studies and foster care advertisments as proof texts. To get foster adopts, they say you don't have to be perfect nor have a lot of money.

Anonymous said...

I actually saw an advertisement for foster parenting at the garage posted when I went for an oil change. Now who exactly were they advertising too?

Anonymous said...

To the person who commented about the foster care training. I know what you mean by the people in the classes. Not that I like to judge people but in the classes I took there was an obese lady who seemed like she had mental issues. The things she talked about was bizarre. I`m not sure if it was the same for you but the one thing that was said repeatedly during every chapter we went through was talking about the kids` feelings and being away from family. That was THE most important thing drilled into our heads was trying to put ourselves into the children`s shoes of going into a new home, being away from family and how much better it is if the foster parents work with the family for reunification. It was a very emotional experience and I learned a lot. This was before our nightmare began. The State has done the complete opposite from what I learned. Needless to say, I am not licensed after having a relative taken from us. Even after she comes home, I won`t be able to be a foster parent. I can`t be a part of such a corrupt system.

Anonymous said...

RE dependency H.S. Brief by AG

RCW.34.130 - Definitions (5) Dependent child" means any child who:
(a) has been abandoned;
(b) is abused or neglected as defined in chapter 26.44 RCW by a person legally responsible for the care of the child; or (c) Has no parent, guardian, or custodian capable of adequately caring for the child, such that the child is in circumstances which constitute a danger of substantial damage to the child's psychological or physical development.
FYI: RCW 26.44.015 - (3) No parent or guardian may be deemed abusive or neglectful solely by reason of the parent's or child's blindness, deafness, developmental disablility, or other handicap.

FYI: RCW 26.44 - Uncodified legislative finding. (Laws of 1997 ch 132 1.) The legislature finds that housing is frequently influenced by the economic situation faced by the family. This may include siblings sharing a bedroom. The legislature also finds that the family living situation due to economic circumstances in and of itself is
not sufficient to justify a finding of child abuse, negligent treatment, or maltreatment.

These briefs are public record under Washington Courts.

Anonymous said...

When I went to training to become a foster parent, we were shown a film. The parents had abused the child. The child was taken. The parents complied and got the child back. The parents abused the child again, only worse this time, and the child was taken. When I told my social worker about the film, she said, " This could not have happened." You are lying, I am going to check this out." I gave the social worker the instructors' name and date of the classes. I was questioned about my own experience in foster training! Then, later, when I said that 3 months of sobriety was not nearly long enough to have my granddaughter returned, the social worker said I was sabatoging reunification. They set us up to believe that a child will be abused if given back to the parent through films and if we question it, we are not in the game anymore. What was that film all about? Why did they show that film at all if they are "for" reunification? I was made to believe that it was wrong to place a child back with the parent who abused the child. That the child would be harmed. AS were all others in that class through all the hours of training we had in 2008. PS. You were great tonight Pam!! Many people were listening.

Anonymous said...

I personally think we need to pass laws that when CPS workers lie, hide findings and other abuses they should be sent to prison. Life without parole would suit me because they are destroying the lives of others.

Anonymous said...

Yes I also decided I didn't want anything to do with being a foster parent after taking the classes. It was just a promotion for "free" adoptions as far as I was concerned. My niece being diagnosed with cancer (turned out to be a mistake thank God) the excuse I gave to not continue. !