Friday, December 18, 2009

From Lilly's (Real Name Madison) Grandmother

"I am here at my computer today with a broken heart as usual these last eleven months. Today is our Christmas with Madison @ DSHS and all she wants for Christmas is to come home to us and to see her mother. I don't know how I am going to make it thru today.... I have always been able to give my children and grandchildren what they desired for Christmas even if it meant working two jobs.... but today for the first time in my life... I can't give her what she wants....
I just left Anacortes Hospital with my full set of xrays and test results.... 1700.00 worth. This is to totally dispute again what DSHS has lied about. I am now on my way to my mammogram.....first one ever.... At the breast care center in Mount Vernon. 300.00 plus dollars for that. To show them I never have had or don't have now breast cancer. Then 2:00 visit with Madison.........(I have called her Lilly in my accounts. PR)
They know we have no records, no abuse, no neglect, no anything.......How can they continue to lie and we have to continue to pay these outrages bills.....This has to be illegal....."

The first home study (used to steal a little girl) was so flawed that the department did another one. Months have passed. The department proceeds with haste to adopt out Lilly to her Great-Grandma even as they work on the new home study.

The second home study has none of the negative things contained in the first one. (At least that is the impression. No paper copy has made its way to the grandparents.) But new things are brought up.

The department now says Lilly's grandmother has breast cancer. It is a mystery how they came by this "information." They will not say how! Neither will they produce a record. So....Lilly's grandmother, in a desperate attempt to fight the lies writes this...I recieved it today...AFTER I left messages for high level administrators.

Stealing kids is a dirty business, I guess. Just lie and then move forward. There is not much sicker in government than the stealing of children. Only one thing...killing them. We do that in WA state at a rate of one a month in state care. Am I the only legislator that cares about this???? In politics we call it a "free ride." They have no opposition.


Anonymous said...

I was sitting in the CPS office today and struck up conversations with people in the room waiting to see their kids. One of them just caved in to the offered temptation of "if you give up your parental rights, you will get to see your kids twice per year" (like that is going to happen) while at the same time denying grandparents in Oregon custody. The grandparents in Oregon are foster care licensed and adoptive parents.
There is a real problem with the behavior of DSHS as it pertains to Oregon extended family as well as local. I have yet to hear of an Oregon family getting custody when they are well qualified to take the children. I recommended to this woman to have her mother contact Denise.

Eileen EId said...

Is it time to get the national media involved? I am thinking an 48 Hours type of expose'. Or even Oprah or Dr. Phil..

strawberryblonde said...

I heard an advertisement to recruit foster parents today on the radio. "You don't have to be perfect to be a perfect foster parent." CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?

With department, the only time you have to be perfect is if you are related. I'm angry with the system for children and vulnerable individuals.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we need to get people together and protest in Olympia. Set up some tents and pot-a-potties and refuse to leave until we get action. The workers just laugh at us. I called today and asked how many man hours and what methods were used to find relatives. No answer. That's not a confidential question but one of job performance. What do we do to stop this? Can we get a march/protest going or something. This messed up Legislature needs to be pressured. When are we going to say enough is enough? I called the Governor's office and got no return call. Yet the Governor sure did get involved with the case of Poka. Made me sick to see these foster parents on TV crying when they knew good and well you need to have the mentality to give these children back. I'm waiting to be denied custody of my great niece and 2 great nephews anytime now. They will drag it out for a year and then terminate my nieces parental rights and let the foster parents adopt them. How can they destroy my brothers family like this. 6 children since 1995. My niece was 15 when they took her fisrt child and offered her no help. Took the baby and ran again without seeking family first and left my niece to fend for herself. She became a heroin addict so isn't that negligence on the part of CPS? I'm going to start calling the White every day and bug them you know what out of them. How can we allow the trafficing of children when we go insane over it in other countries?

Anonymous said...

Our prayers are with this family. Please God..devine intervention send this child home where she belongs!

Time For Change! said...

These so called "child protectors" are life destroyers and get a thrill out of causing heartbreak and unnecessary expense to families.
To describe them as evil would be a compliment. I wonder what sort of demented mentality prerequisite they must have to work in these positions.

The Gonzo Mama said...

The state can and does lie. Our experience with DSHS has left me saddened and concerned for the children in our state's care.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you "Time for a Change." Also, when you apply for most jobs now days you have to do drug testing. Foster Parents do not! That foster father that was stalking me was behaving as if he was on drugs. To have to sit back and watch him tweak the way he was and not be able to say anything when they were the one's who had the mother faslely accuse me of using meth 1 time is beyond criminal. Funny, with my diabetes insipidus I can't have sodium and when I looked up the ingredients on this drug it's nothing but hard sodium!

Anonymous said...

It was a SAD day when I realized that CPS and CA State Adoptions lied and then lied to cover up those lies........ I thought this happened only on the big screen?

My nephew lingers still in a foster home even AFTER the appeal was won in our favor. CPS approved us 3 times for relative placement but NEVER placed. Lies of attachment disorders were told and yet he has NO diagnosis of ANY such disorder!

State Adoptions approved us for adoption and even named US Prospective Adoptive Parents for my nephew. (At first I was DENIED the right to APPLY by the District Manager.........!!!!)

BUT BE CAREFUL, they will taunt you with a carrot, BUT will hit you with a sledgehammer from behind.

In court, while having the Attorney General fight for our adopting my nephew........State Adoptions CLAIMED to not agree with the report they wrote "personally". It was a drama scene and one of the adoption workers even turned on the tears! It took the A.G. by surprise and I did feel a little sorry for him. (More sorry for my nephew.)

In the end placement was with the foster parents and appeals were filed. On 11-30-09 we won!!! BOTH bioparents had signed designated relinquishments, (after MONTHS of begging to signe them), to myself and husband to adopt our nephew but the court IGNORED them and that is NOT OK.

Now we fight to even SEE my nephew and State Adoptions is now claiming to want to leave the child where he is. So I guess we can steal kids, keep them, and even if we get caught we don't have to return them??

We will continue to fight. Our appeal CLEARLY states that parents have the RIGHT to sign designated relinquishments as per 8700(f).

I am not advocating for relatives to adopt each child taken by CPS right away, BUT if things look dim...consider it PLEASE! Don't risk your family because it isn't worth it. I have jumped through ALL of their hoops and then some and I am STILL missing my nephew. He should have never had to be in a foster home. The family he is with has 11 kids now, they didn't stop after my nephew.

If a relative wishes for you to adopt their child it HAS to be done prior to the termination of parental rights, 366.26 hearing. Our pain can help others, but we really want our nephew.

Now that our eyes are opened I have applied to law school. I can't ignore these innocent children who are in the hands of liars.

Once we join together we can change the future for these children. Like slavery and segregation; this will end and will be a HUGE blemish (more like bleeding ulcer) on our history.

Never give up because they want us to.

"O'Hana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind."

Anonymous said...

This backwards. The burden of proof is not on the grandparents. Rather the burden of proof is on the state.

Lily's grandparents should not have to disprove anything, rather the state should be petitioned to prove their accusations.

To Lily's grandparents, please try to obtain a new attorney who will truly fight for you.

Anonymous said...

Yes, they do put that carrot out. They played serious mind games with me and to make it worse my son had just been sent to Afghanistan! These people have no morals in any way shape or form. I lived in fear of being set up to the point I couldn't hold my fliuds down which endangered my life because of my water diabetes. To make it worse if you are poor legal help is not there unless you have commited a crime. Endangering someone's life is a crime. I think CPS in it's current form needs to "be left behind!" I actually emailed the UN today asking for them to address the child traffiking going on in this country with CPS.

Anonymous said...

I called the complaint line for DSHS and talked with Carolyn Smith. She seems to be nice and was not happy with what I told her was going on. I really want to go after this agency. My brother now realizes that these people are not out for the best interest of the children, but for the finacial security of their agency. I wanred him that their next ploy will to to try and pit family members against each other. They count on people being ignorant. They are finding out that I am not one of those people!

Anonymous said...

I want to agree with the fact this agency does pit family members against each other. My niece disappeared directly out of a hospital room over twenty years ago. She never lived with her biological parents or relatives. She alledgedly sees us as the "strangers". Oh my! Please give me a break! You meet strangers all the time!

Anonymous said...

California paid a settlement to a DAD whose daugher was in FC for over 12 years.

Meanwhile DAD was living in Calif and faithfully paying child support.

Supposedly Calif has a unit which is set up to find DADS and other kin.

California paid up b/c they were so INEPT AND INCOMPETENT AT LOCATING RELATIVES.

Isn't Washington in the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals along with California?

Anonymous said...

....and cps continues to collect the social security benefits (paid in by the parents) from the adopted or parent terminated "children stolen by the state"?

Anonymous said...

I am a licensed foster parent and I think there are times we need foster care, however the system is VERY flawed!!! They are taking the children who have good homes OR good extended family who are willing to care for them and yet they are giving children back to parents & family who are unfit to care for them. As long as the parents "try" and follow what they are told for an amount of time even though they have NO jobs and NO home they are given back the children. How backwards can a system get???

I am signing as annonymus as DSHS can be very vendictive if you cross them.