Friday, December 4, 2009

Today Pam Roach To Meet With Denise Revels Robinson

A great deal of progress has been made within the last few months in my efforts to bring accountability to Child Protective Services. It is 12:59 A.M and I have to go to Olympia again in the morning. But, I want to do a recap of where we are very soon.

No time right now. But, in another 12 hours I will be meeting with DCFS Sec. Denise Revels Robinson. She has been very busy going all over the state and meeting her area leaders and the public. We were introduced at a Families United meeting in November. Remember that I am hopeful that she will strive for higher relative placements as has been her history. WA is at only 30% and her office in WI had 70% without relative placement incident.

I will be conveying observations and suggestions. I have plenty of "real life" examples. I will encourage the elimination of hearsay evidence at trial, standing for grandparents in court, a presumption of placement with relatives, etc.

On Thursday I had a short meeting with Hunter Goodman of the AG's office. We talked about the unchallenged hearsay evidence that was admitted in several of the cases I have followed. He seemed interested this time. I think after the chain of KING TV stories and the KOMO expose that attention is coming to the CPS issues...and there are many. Momentum is beginning to build.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your tireless efforts Senator, lead the way and I am sure many will follow.

Anonymous said...

I have high hopes for more family placements. I was speaking with a social worker in the Bremerton office that told me Ms. Revel Robinson had made a visit there. The message delivered was family placement. It sounded as though it is pretty much a mandate put on the workers. Good news if they hold them to it. Thanks for all your hard diligent work. I think we are making progress!

Lovingfitfather said...

I grieve for my daughter every day. We forestalled the adoption to the foster mother whom I have proved is abusing and neglecting her yet Dreyfus,Robinson and company has not placed her back with her step mother neither have they allowed visits from her brother.
In a large portion of their cases it is obvious what should be done abut they steadfastly refuse keeping children in harms way.

Anonymous said...

Bremerton is one of the worst! Good news! Maybe a few of the other counties will follow suit?
I have dealt with the Bremerton office to include one of the defense attorneys there who was as corrupt as they come. He spilled his guts to me when I was advocating for extended family placement in Oregon. When he realized he screwed up, he was going to quit the case real quick right before the termination hearing but his client panicked and begged him to stay. It was a wrong choice on her part and neither the client or the extended family got the child. She was promised picture exchange and an occasional visit, neither of which was followed through with.
The child went to a single gay man who already had numerous placements in his care. The extended family were employed homeowners and Christians approved for foster care. They were lied to through the whole process. Everyone in Bremerton should be fired.

Anonymous said...

soooo what happened? How did it go? What now?

Anonymous said...

I could not agree more that Bremerton is one of the worst offices. I just hope they conform to the new mandates from above. Parents are coerced into relinquishing with tid bit promises of pictures all of the time.
Once a child is adopted it is the adoptive parents decision. I have a daughter that was adopted to strangers and has been cut off from all her siblings and family. What kind of people do that to a child? Not only has my daughter been placed in a place with people of questionable character but, they have also inflicted irrepairable abuse on all of her siblings in the process of their keeping these kids apart.
My daughters non family adoption was a product of the Bremerton office also. They seem to pick real winners over here. I believe that it was based in part on the GALs recomendations. GALs and CASAs need to be help personally accountable for their poor reccomendations that ultimatly harm children beyond the ones they represent in court. May just happen too. Keep your eye on the news for the next couple of years. We are nowhere near done in our mission to stop this destrution of children and families.