Wednesday, January 21, 2009

5,000 March For Life In Olympia Rally

In this picture I was turning to introduce my son to the audience. I told them that values and heritage are passed on to those we love. I told them I have five kids and ten grandkids. "And," I said, "in 2009 I will have #11....and #12...and .......#13.
(My three daughters-in-law all want to name their new sons...should they be sons...after my dad. Hence the comment about the names in the comment section. Odds are we will have one!)


Anonymous said...

And they will all be named Charlie.

Anonymous said...

That is a very impressive crowd out in front of you. I pray the Families First Rally enjoys such a compliment on February 5th as you have there.
Also good luck on the little Charlies.

Anonymous said...

What we need is "CHANGE". That is what we need in a world like it is today. We need people who are not going to hide. We need people who will stomp on the ground to let it be heard. We need "TRUTH" to be heard and no lies to be brought foward. We do need people in power to help people without power. My childern are my children and nobody should hurt them, nobody. But that is what "NEGITIVE POWER" does, it destorys children. "POWER" should be for the good not to the bad. I will fight and fight until my childern are back with me and that is what "GOD" wanted in the first place. MG of Seattle, WA. P.S. Pam Roach "More Power to You".