Friday, January 9, 2009

Stuths Reunited With Granddaughter!

The Stuths now have their beautiful little granddaughter. For the Stuths it has been an 18 month nightmare, but today it was a dream.

There was some divine intervention here and I want to acknowledge that. On Tuesday the state argued that the child was bonded to the foster woman and there should be a termination and the child placed with her. I have been trying to point out to the state for months that the foster woman was a very poor risk at best. But, the state felt differently. (They have no real standards.)

Yet, for all their efforts to place with the foster woman...Tuesday night the toddler was taken away, permanently, from her. She had shown up at a local hospital and they called in a complaint. Thank God there are some honest people. The complaint was against the foster woman. Apparently, she showed some "symptoms" of --------- (you fill in the blanks), that was enough to have her reported immediately and caused her to lose the children and her license. So much for the judgement of CPS.

The attorney for the little girl's mother did not know about this. The whole thing came to the attention of the court by way of a slip up of the new CASA.

If the foster woman had not gone to a hospital....The Stuths would not have this child! If the CASA had not let the cat out of the bag...the Stuths would not have this child. The state had no place but the Stuths to turn to when the emergency foster care (48 hours) was up. They were last on the list but the only ones on the list. The state did feel, finally, that the toddler had seen too many people and should go to the Stuths even though there was "not much of a bond." (Check out the video to see if YOU think there was a bond) The little girl obviously remembers and loves her grandparents!!! You would not have believed that based on the state's testimony.

It was an act of God that that foster person blew it. It was an act of God that the CASA "blew" it.

I have been left with a terrible knowledge of the power of unrestrained government.

And, judge, please understand that I represent a different branch of government. And, that I believe open government makes better government. In my mind the Stuth Case will be used as the low watermark in an example of how the system works. If it weren't for the light of day that was shown on this case...and the incredible sense of bad timing for the foster woman....things would have been very different.

God must have a wonderful future in mind for a very special little girl.


Charlie said...

King 5 said this in the article there:
"The KING 5 Investigators also found misinformation was presented to the court about the Stuths by a social worker and a court appointed child advocate,"

If this is true, is the AG bringing these people up on perjury charges. And if not, what is being done to impeach the AG. I'm absolutely angry about this. BTW I'm part of Campaign for Liberty and might be seeing you tomorrow if I can make it at the election forum.

Anonymous said...

Devine Intervention!

Don't question it!

Just say thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would like to thank the Lord for moving in the Stuths case. Also I have heard on tv in the Jewish tradition that when one person sees another one get blessed; it means we are line for a blessing.

So for all those out there who have kept up with this story waiting for their own breakthrough. Its coming.

Anonymous said...

I've been praying too, Senator. The government is not, nor will it ever be bigger than God. He who created lineage in the first place is not happy about governmental choices on this. Don't think He isn't noticing who the players are and their stand on Him in particular. He doesn't support their bias and behavior.
There are those who are determined to kill God so they can live a lifestyle contrary to what is in ultimate design yet, if one looks at science for the answer it becomes clear that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and that includes human behavior.
This is what the war against family is all about. It is spiritual warfare disguised by the power hungry using an element of truth as wrapping while the bulk is packed with lies.
National policy on child abuse is an example of that. Using children, a simplification of legal strategy designed to benefit government intervention only, has developed into a web of Constitutional violations. In order to fully support that web, each part of the whole does what it needs to do to support that policy regardless of the lack of ethics or morals necessary to accomplish child removal and sales to foster adopts.
There is no longer a measuring stick for ethical behaviors in government. It has been replaced by self protective laws and rules that enhance chances for poor conduct by state and elected officials along with state employees. To give people immunity from their actions and no accountability is absurd in a lawless nation.
In Florida, I found articles about social workers taking children out of the hospital and selling them overseas. It was hushed up and the articles disappeared. Any attempt at finding those articles resulted in authorities social pressuring people to leave it alone. Hundreds of children in Florida are just missing.
This is not OK. It is not ok for those of us with children that are subject to this insanity, and it is not OK to God. Fair and equitable treatment needs to replace the child removal system but in order for that to happen, officials need to get a conscience. Herein lies the problem. A body of decision makers who have lost their way but are self decieved because of their positions have developed methods dangerous to the American way of life.
It is time to band together for the purpose of saving our families and freedoms. This includes self examination and change so that their accusations are not founded. It can be done - it has to be done.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

So this is what happens when you get people nationwide praying for you.
How could they Senator? How could they go forward with termination knowing that they were just going to put this little girl through a shuffle?
Instead of waking up in a home full of people who love her where would she be spending this Saturday morning?
You are giving credit to the right place. You, King 5, many other people fought hard to stop the state but it wasn't working-it took a much more powerful force.
We can't rely on that every time though. For all of the other Stuth's out there we need a better system.

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot to make me cry....My heart has been hardened by the kidnapping of my grandchildren by cps. That kind of pain for over 26 months has a way of leaving you dry of tears....But, watching that Raw footage of the reunion and the way that child ran to her grandparents it was such a blessing..I could not stop the tears. I know the Lord had his hand in this but, you were his tool. He sent you to do this job and I pray he keeps you pointed in that direction until this horror is ended. Gos Bless you Senator Roach.