Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Session Starts With A Few Less People...All Press

As the list of taxpayer paid government lobbyists, citizen activists, and "special interest" (that means...looking to make money) persona grows in Olympia...there is one group that is shrinking.

It has been reported to PRR that the press corp is running on fumes. "Something like only 10 credentialed reporters (most blog) down from 30+ in the early nineties." And, as we say good-by to the Seattle Post Intelligencer (P.I.) in a few they say..."There goes another one!"

For a conservative it just means fewer bullets. However, they will be higher caliber.


Anonymous said...

I like the way that you look at the glass as half full!
Hope those higher caliber are going to be the ones that do the right kind of reporting when cps comes into the picture.
Hope this session is a productive one.

Anonymous said...

What fantastic news.Tis a long time coming,the more liberal media that bites their comtaminated dust the better.
Keep the truth front & center.
Rob Louis

Anonymous said...

Did you read the Ombudsmans report for the year? Terrible statistics for DSHS. Is there any way she can be given more of an upper hand without making it a power position?
I truly wish Washington State DSHS could be totally revamped. There are states out there with NO foster care deaths for years on end.

concerned grandparent said...

Come on's your chance to be heard...don't hide at home and fear dshs/cps....the empire is about to fall apart....i'll be there with you so come on support this rally and just do it.... we can make a difference in numbers.....