Thursday, January 8, 2009

Update On Placement And The Financial Impact Of Fighting The Cyborg

I understand the Stuths (with the attorney that they have to pay) are with DSHS right now. Apparently, DSHS is going to recommend that the Stuths have placement. Seeing is believing. Judge Schaffer is out of town so there will be a different family court judge. That is a good thing as so many false things have been said to her and information not given to her (all medical records?).

The Stuths have spent well over $30,000. This does not count lost work time that was needed to fight the cyborg! They are not people of great means...that's why they were targeted! (That ... and the fact Little Lisa is blond and cute and young!)

Right now, I will focus on legislation for the 2009 session which starts next Monday.

I believe there should be an ethics complaint filed against the state's attorneys. I wonder if I have enough time? Maybe someone else should do it since they might claim I am harassing them! What a travesty of justice this whole thing has been!


Anonymous said...

Whoever does the attorney ethics complaint has to have the videos and the records. I am thinking maybe it should be done as a petition. One person put it together, and many people to sign it. That way the bar knows you mean business. It would be great if it was done before any rally then- although you might have to have notary present- depends on your states rules.

Anonymous said...

I might be interested in taking that on, Senator. I was really angry at the methods used at the TPR trial. I attended the first day. What a horrible lack of ethics and lack of due process. I feel that Lisa did quite a bit to comply. She may have not done it perfectly, but she is certainly not the horrible girl they were painting her out to be by any means. The treatment she received in the TPR hearing was vile. They wouldn't even allow positive testimony about her current housing.
I understand that you may be working on some legislative efforts and one of them may very well be regarding extended family. I am also a victim of lack of due process. I watched in horror as lie after lie was told in court and legal decisions were made about me and I had no way of defending myself. This process builds a legal defense against someone with no recourse. I think a civil rights action of some kind is in order with extended family. As I pointed out on the King 5 blog, less than 5% of extended family actually get the children. If you want me to work on the legal complaints, let me know.
Jan Smith
Washington State Extended Families

Anonymous said...

The department is now recommending placement? And after all the bad things they said about the Stuths..UNBELIEVABLE!

Sounds like they are trying to cover their behinds. There is so much more to this that needs to be uncovered and I believe it is all burried in their records.

At least with a 3rd party custody they can get all her medical records and see for themselves what really went on.

M O'Connor-NYC said...

God Bless you for standing up for this family.

It is my opinion that CPS was eager to adopt this child out as she is drug free, blond and beautiful.

When did this counrty come to such a state when a loving family is totally disregraded by our "government".

It appears that CPS does not follow any rules. Not even their own.

I work in the legal field and was once told by a social worker that the US Constitution did not apply to her because she is a state worker.
Which State? Hitler's Germany?

Again, takes for fighting the good fight.