Wednesday, January 7, 2009

CPS Lies To Judge Kessler And Gets Caught In Court

Sometimes you can do all you can and God just drops in and throws things a curve. I am talking a miracle. That is what happened today when a naive new CASA wasn't smart enough to keep a lie alive. And, boy, was King County Superior Court Judge Ronald Kessler mad when he figured it out.

Well, judge, as grateful as we all are for your decision today...I have to tell you that there have been a lot of lies by CPS before your court.

Yesterday, the state went full bore against the family. They just railed on the Stuths and the mother. They lied through their teeth. They testified that "Little Lisa" had bonded with the foster woman and it was in the best interest of the child to terminate parental rights and place Lisa with this woman who has an active restraining order against a former lover. And, at the same time, they knew that CPS was removing Little Lisa from the foster woman and placing her in "emergency" foster placement.

CAN ANYONE REALLY BELIEVE THIS OUTRAGEOUS BEHAVIOR? What will the Attorney General say about this big lie? What will AG Ms. Li say about this lie?


AND...JUST PLAIN FUNNY.....Today, the state argued for 15 minutes that KING5 TV and investigative reporter, Suzannah Frame, should not be in the courtroom! (...Ya gotta love how stupid it is to go after people who broadcast TV all western Washington!!!!)

The attorney general's attorney argued the judge could not let the press in the courtroom. They were abruptly set straight when....Judge Kessler finally dropped a big book on the bench and said, "According to this book I can ... and... I will!" I LIKE BOSTON LEGAL, TOO.

Nothing seemed to be going well. The judge told the mother she wasn't a good person. He went after the grandparents, he was just not a happy guy. He only knows what he is told or what comes out in court. The mother's attorney could certainly have found a way to bring the terrible medical records forward but did not.


The new CASA mentioned that Little Lisa had been removed from the "loving" foster woman and placed in emergency housing last night. The woman just assumed the judge knew! She didn't know the rules on how to steal kids!

It was one big blunder committed by the new court appointed special advocate (CASA). She didn't understand that she was suppose to shut up about what had happened last night at the home of the foster woman... and it unfolded right in front of a very irritated judge!

While the state was testifying about all this "bonding" crap between the foster woman and Little Lisa...they were preparing to take the child on an emergency basis away from the foster home!

Apparently, the loving foster woman had her license pulled! (I will find out why!!!!) And, remember...she has an infant baby boy from the state who was just in the hospital...another emergency.


Anonymous said...

Is it true? Her license was pulled???? What about the other child in her custody? Was there abuse? Neglect? Charges? We are wondering......where did this information come from?

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! there is a God and he was there in the court room with the family today.
Her license was pulled and the child was moved? Seems they are trying to hide something. Something BIG! a real blunder that is finally coming out for everyone to see especially with the press allowed in. I hope you do find out all the dirty little secrets surrounding this case and it is broadcast to everyone. What about the other child that was with her?

Anonymous said...

This was a devine intervention.

An old saying from my Grama still rings in my ears..Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive.

And liars never know when to shut up..Loose Lips Sink Ships.

So much for the states expert witness!

And they pulled the foster moms license. WOW!

I am happy that Judge Kessler got some education in the process. I guess there will be alot of tail tucking now. I would have loved to have seen the look on their faces when this decision came down!!


Anonymous said...

They pulled the fosters mom license and were still trying to go through with the adoption??

Sounds like to me that the entire other side was attempting to pull a fraud upon the court. Your grand jury needs to hear this.

The attorney from the attorney generals office needs to be taken before your states ethics panel.

You know when you posted that AG said the judge had all the medical records he needed- they may not have been talking about Lisa's records.

My guess is something BAD happened to the baby that was placed with the same foster mom. Good luck on getting those records; short of a legislative subpoena- I am not sure you will.

Charlie said...

What is the name of the AG in this case. She/he should be brought before the bar!

Anonymous said...

You are our hero. So nice to meet people not afraid to speak out with the truth. We at are so happy. We want to finally get a law passed to give grandparents some rights. We are the only state with none. Yes, all 49 states have rights but us. Look us up and join us in our fight. Thanks Judy

Anonymous said...

Thank you Senator Roach! Hopefully this will pave the way for other grandparents..

I am a grandmother that has gone through this same ordeal, I won my granddaughter when CPS was caught lying to the Judge as well..

My story is similar to this..

Anonymous said...

I watched the story of the reunion of this family with tears streaming down my cheeks. I am so happy for this family, who was villified by CPS, but I am crying for my family, who is still missing our beloved child, another victim of CPS abuse.
He was taken from his abusive and neglectful, criminal and drug-abusing parents 3 years ago and rescued by his grandmother, who received the highest praise from CPS and from other professionals for her amazing care. Much like the grandmother in the news story, this grandmother became branded as a "trouble-maker" when she continued to report the child's distress following visits with his parents. Suddenly, without warning, this child was torn from his grandmother and his entire loving extended family--more than 150 strong--in Western WA. He has been returned to his parents, in spite of their failure to remedy the situations that caused them to lose their children in the first place. (there is a sibling, also)
CPS is out of control and there is no oversight. We need more exposure of these types of cases, until CPS realizes they can't hide in the shadows, tearing apart families with impunity. Thank you, Senator Roach, for exposing this corruption and for saving this family. I hope we can find someone like you to help us save ours.

Joyce Williamson, MN State Representative said...

I am so very happy for the Stuth's family and for their little granddaughter. Thank you so much Senator Roach for bringing out all the lies of CPS and all of the others for the judge to see clearly so they would get their little granddaughter back and their hearts healed. I cannot say that I feel sorry for any of them for what they had to go through after what they did to that family or all the others because believe me if they did it to one then there are many more!
My granddaughter was "stolen" by CPS and adopted to a foster family this year. I was left out of the picture and lied to by an attorney until termination occurred and then was told "you are no longer her grandmother!" What a terrible number they did on my family! They tore us all apart and stole my granddaughter. It was awful and I know someday CPS, the County Attorney,GAL,the Judge, and anyone else involved in all their schemes and lies will pay for this because God is the final judge. God bless the Stuths and Senator Pam Roach for all she did for them and so many other people. Joyce, MN State Rep. NCGCR

Anonymous said...

"...branded as a "trouble-maker" when she continued to report the child's distress following visits with his parents." The same thing is happening in Tacoma, WA. The caseworker takes direction from the parent's attorney with no regard for the trauma caused to the children. Priority is given to budget and convenience. Tacoma CPS has got to be stopped!

Anonymous said...

I have raised my 15 year old granddaughter mostly all her life. I started having trouble with her at adolesance. The mental hospital told me she needed a residential treatment center. The only way to get this help in Texas is thru cps. I called to see if they could help They picked my granddaughter up from the mental hospital and basically kidnapped her. They have not addressed her mentL NEEDS AND HAVE PUT HER LIVING WITH PEOPLE THAT DO NOT PASS A HOME STUDY. wHAT CAN i DO?