Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pam Roach To Appear On King 5, "Up Front" This Sunday

"Up Front" is a half hour moderated show that airs several times on Sunday. It concentrates on political commentary and government accountability. It is very popular because it is well done and is local on a day of mostly national commentary.

Producer, Mike Cate, has been watching the Stuth case with great interest. They are giving ME the mike and will ask me questions about CPS.....Dum...da...dum...dum.......DUM!

(Its times like this I really love my job!)


Anonymous said...

I, for one will be glued to my seat to watch you on Up Front on Sunday! It will be another banner day thanks to you Senator!

My family will be watching as well. I intend to tell everyone I know to tune in to the show.

Anonymous said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!! I can't wait to hear these answers! You are a hero to many of us.

Anonymous said...

I see by the king5 last comments page that someone(gee I can't imagine worker maybe?)is trying to smear you. anonymous 123 may as well give up now it won't stop how we feel about the great work you have done and are doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I hope that you wil be able to tell how the state ruined their own not speaking the truth.

And just so ya know..this stuff goes on daily in every courtroom through out the US of A.

One down!! So many others to go.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can become a star of sorts. A new future awaits you....

Anonymous said...

After reading everything on this case, watching you today on king 5 and reflecting on my own experiences here is my minute on a soapbox.
CASA program is not needed. With proper organization and proper oversight the job can be done without these sometimes to tunnel-visioned, overly powerful people. Citizen Oversight and transperency of DSHS is needed. You stated that you don't need names but you do. Without really being able to talk to these people how do you know you're not being fed a pack of lies.
If you lie under oath and you get caught you go to jail. You did say you were going to be continuing to get to the bottom of who lied. A few people sit in jail and the system will straighten up over night.
Make sure DSHS has all the tools they need to do thier jobs. Get rid of any state incentives whether they be pro or against family placement.
Get rid of Foster to adopt homes. This is evil and leads these people to fight re-unification. If you want to still allow children who's parents and family can't take care of them to be adopted then it needs to be done by people who meet the normal standards. Particularly they need to be able to support them.
All support should be pulled from parents who have already adopted out of Foster care. That ought to free up some money for changes.
I know I'm not the most educated on the wrongs in this system but these are the things I see.
Hopefully someone will be able to implement a truly fair and effective system.

Anonymous said...

Senator, I just left you a lengthy on my soap box comment and I wanted to elaborate on one point. The adoption support payments. I am so against this because of an experience my family had. My Cousin was losing her little boys to the state and a foster to adopt. The family fought but wasn't winning. In a last ditch effort I asked the single mother how she was going to be able to afford losing her foster care payments-that's when I learned about adoption support. She smugly told me "I'm not losing anything, actually I'll get a little more-I never would have been able to do this without that".
It's WRONG on every level. If biological parents could get that kind of support without having to pay it back it would probably take care of 75% of the out of household placements. I know I'm vindictive not only do I think they should all lose this pay I think they should have to pay it back. But I know that wont happen. I just really feel it shouldn't be there as an incentive for people to take other peoples children.
And as for my cousin, the family hasn't seen these boys in 7 years and they have a beautiful little sister they don't even know about.

Christy said...

I am sorry to her about your family's loss of the boys. You are right about getting rid of foster to adopt homes, adoption payments and fed incentives. If someone really wants to adopt they would support the child as if the child was their own. The foster care system needs to be freed up, to stop people from getting licensed that should not be licensed in the first place. The people that should not have a licence should have them pulled right away. Children should only be placed in foster care under criminal circumstances and family should be able to have the first opportunity to have the child. And money should be cut from our so called child protection system, as are state is in debt. Who needs cps when there are capable police.