Thursday, January 8, 2009

Notes From The Editor #2

Dear Friends,

I will keep you posted as best I can. I get many comments and thank you so much for your opinions and your open hearts. While there are many stories to tell I will focus on some specifics in hopes of moving the issues forward.

A "Families First" rally in Olympia is being planned. A date has not been selected but there will be plenty of notice. We will have a great program and it will be worth your attendance. I hope Little Lisa will be there. I have several legislators who want to join in the efforts to hold DSHS responsible and open government to public scrutinty. I hope that you will step forward and contact my office if you are willing to attend. Please call 360-786-7660 or email to get involved.

Please know that I am preparing for the upcoming legislative session and I have many special projects that I try to balance. I will begin to broaden PRR coverage to include a legislators look at session. There are many pressing issues.

Thankfully, after 11 months of trying to help the Stuth family, we have seen some results. I have never worked harder or been more involved than I have in this case. Injustice is a motivator. Injustice is an evil that must be fought.

Best Wishes in this new year,



Anonymous said...

Thanks Senator for all you have done for the Stuth family and the rest of us in this situation. Yes injustice is the word. I feel happiness for the Suths but, a feeling of sadness for the rest of us. I fear there will be a backing away now that the decision has been made. We need an uprising of the people and many rallies have been done to no avail. Without the energy that has been put into this case I fear that will not happen and we will just be slide to the back burner again. When anyone is in our position hopelessness plays a big role in our lives.

Anonymous said...

Pam, I understand where this person and many others are coming from. assured, THIS is a landmark case! In the future people all across the nation will be refering to this case in trial. So everybody out there in the same situation the Stuth's are, this is huge! This is going to change Many outcomes in the future. Never give up hope! and press forward! The fight is far from over.

Anonymous said...

Just the fact that you stated you have several legislators who want to join in the effort to hold DSHS responsible and to open government to public scrutiny is so fantastic to hear! You have dared to do so much more than anyone. We got the usual lip service when we asked for help but, no help, no change. I am glad you have taken the first step and proved it can be done. I know cps is protected from the top down but, its past time for them to squirm and to get just a small taste of the hell they put us through day and night. Whatever we can do to support you and the know there are plenty of us out here to support this great cause!

Anonymous said...

I am curious if a gag order will be put in place by the courts now, or they will be forced to sign something saying they will not go public.