Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Upcoming Honduras Trip To Feature Eye Care

In early summer I will be hosting a group of 10 optometrists at my project site in Honduras. I mention that because I have missed a few days in blogging as I have been organizing the trip.
We will tour the Copan ruins, fly to La Cieba and to the project site to work, and end the trip with a scuba trip to the Bay Islands. I will need to take a refresher course in scuba because it has been awhile.

Here you see Enrique and Kessler on the tussle walking to school. For some reason the picture does not show the height of the bridge. It is a long way down! Enrique and Kessler are two special little boys that I can't wait to see. They are Garifina, the poorest of the poor. I tried to get them here for a visit but $1,200 later the American Embassy did not issue them a visa. They are poor and therefore at risk for not returning. I thought the embassy people where pretty much illogical if they really thought a senator was going to illegally keep two kids in the U.S. I will try again. At least they already have passports.

This trip will have three 12 hour days of clinic. My better pictures are in another computer so I will switch them out for you so you can get a better idea.
From this...just remember it is 85 degrees with 98% humidity.
On this day I walked to school with the boys and taught an English lesson to their classes. (They were so proud to have me there.) When I left I stuck an over sized Snicker's bar in each of their packs. That was a real treat. And, Kessler (7) ate his in one sitting as it turned out. That is a lot of sugar for a skinny little body! He was sick the next day with a stomach ache and couldn't go to school. I blame myself for that.

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Anonymous said...

I would like to get on your list of folks that you help do world travel. How does one do that? I went to Guam once and Canada a few times but nothing as exotic as what you do. I think it gives one a different perspective to see things first hand.