Friday, January 30, 2009

"Families First" Rally Update

There are some really awesome T-shirts printed up!! These are professionally done and while I have one I forgot to ask how many were made!

They are white with a green"'Families First' It's the Law," on the front. On the back there is a "Stop CPS Abuse" logo. The rally will be held at noon in the capitol rotunda. Thankfully, Dave Wood, who has been working this issue for years has been a tremendous help. I don't want to forget the many others...and won't.

First come, first to get some very cool buttons...what is a rally without big pins to wear? And, look overhead when you drive down Capitol Way to see the 30 ft. banner across the overhead walk.

While I have been fighting off the attacks of my detractors on this issue (more to come on how a Senator can be punished by their own), voting, attending debates, seeing my son off before deployment, etc......good people are coming together.

They come together because they have a message. We want government to follow the laws. We want government to be held accountable. We want the unnessary child deaths to stop. And, STOP the kidnapping of toddlers...taken from good families like the Stuths...who are being turned over to strangers for money.


Leonard Henderson said...

Tell Dave to contact Leonard Henderson at American Family Rights Association

I want to promote these shirts nationwide.

Leonard Henderson, co-founder
American Family Rights Association
Until Every Child Comes Home ©
The Voice of America's Families ©

Have you checked AFRA News lately?

Anonymous said...

Where can you get those T shirts? I would love to buy some and be proud to wear one!

Anonymous said...

Getting off topic slightly, I went to the House meeting today and listened to the Ombudsman discuss the report on CPS. One of the reasons extended family is not getting much action from them is because they have a priority list with children in eminent danger being on top of the list taking up all their resources.
We may need a citizens advisory committee of some type to do investigations if the Ombudsman office has other priorities other than listen to parents and extended family concerns when CPS is acting illegally.
Your buddy David was there and Mary asked him if her presentation met his approval. I took note of that.
Of concern is her recommendation to defer to foster adopts if the child remains in their custody longer than 15 months. The problem with her thinking is the fact that CPS is trying real hard not to place with extended family from the beginning. She did emphasize that this needed to change.
What I am not clear on is how many of the 150 children who died in this state did so on someone's watch other than parents. It appears to me that the emphasis and examples are parents only publically, but if trends here are similar to what is happening across the United States, then many of those children died in foster care and it is being kept quiet.
See you on the 5th.
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

The t-shirts will be available at the rally. Please show up and bring a truck load with you. It is going to be great to see the real Americans standing up for what is just simply right! Looking foreward to this one!