Tuesday, January 6, 2009

KING 5 TV Camera In Courtroom As WA State CPS Attacks Family


Washington State CPS aggressively moved to take little "Lisa" from her biological family again today. The state perpetuated lies about the grandparents who have no representation in court. And, I am sure the judge was never told about the serious medical records.

Judge Ronald Kessler let KING 5 News reporter Suzanna Frame in the courtroom. Viewing the link is a must. Thank God for the First Amendment. Word is that CPS was livid over the exposure. Government needs the light of day. There is almost nothing that can constrain CPS.

The grandparents have spent thousands of dollars to try to keep their family together. The deep pockets of the State of Washington are almost insurmountable.

Court continues tomorrow with the mother's attorney taking her shot at it. Go get 'em Ruth! And, thank you Suzanna and KING 5 News.

CPS...I will be sending this link to every state legislator, DSHS high-up, and print media.

And...coming up...it is reported that two babies in Region 5 died of shaken baby syndrome over the holidays. They were babies, reportedly, CPS gave back to their BAD families. Who the hell is the administrator out there? That is 12 dead for '08 by my count.


Anonymous said...

This has gone on too long. It needs to be taken to the national level. I don't for Nancy Grace at times- But you know, her two kids are about Lisa's age, and I can just hear Grace ranting and raving about Lisa bowels hanging out and still having to go to daycare.

Email, phone, or do both. The more people that bring this to Grace's attention; the more likely her staff will pick up the story.

f you are a crime victim or someone who knows about an injustice or case that needs a spotlight, call "Nancy Grace" at 1-888-GRACE-01 or send information via e-mail to "Nancy Grace."

Also I think you would be great on her show Ms. Roach.

Charlie said...

I've blogged about this also on my blog. Please digg it, the more diggs it get's the more national attention it will get.


Anonymous said...

I for one would join a peaceful rally. the time for change is now. I so want the stuth's to win today but if the do I want people to realize what it took to make it happen-it wasn't a case of the system working it was a case of so many people knowing. I hope that when Lisa goes home the passion that people have for this doesn't wear off. Truly no matter how safe you think you are the next child could be yours!

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when the Rally is so we can tell our government what we really think of their shady dealings with children. That we object to legalized kidnapping, trafficking in children, babies for sale.They are arrogant and treat you like the scum of the earth if you dare to argue or question them in their lies.That a person with the stroke of a pen can have the power to change lives forever. While they bask in the glow of their spoils. This must stop now and the people are being made aware thanks to your efforts Pam and the efforts of Susannah Frame and King 5 news. Oh yes, you are a Hero to your grandchildren and children every where who want nothing more than to live in peace with their loving families.

Anonymous said...

Senator you have done so much for the Stuths and I believe if you hadn't things would have turned out so very differently. Because of you that baby now has a chance to be where she wants to be and to be loved and held close and have the safety she deserves.
But, Senator there are more...so many more. We have held our breath and prayed so very hard for the Stuths and you but, now we would also like to have justice. Please continue your fight for change to bring this monster down. You are the only hope we have. I know its a big job and a hard fight but, I love my grandchildren with all my heart and they need to be home and safe too.