Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Link...KING 5 Evening News On Grandparent Rights

More on this. Please tune in tomorrow on KING 5, "Up Front" for a recap on the whole story. I will outline some of my legislative objectives.

Thank you all for so much support. And, to my detractors and supporters of the foster woman...she should never had claimed ownership of someone else's child. This family has been terribly hurt by the system. They deserve vindication for all the horrible untruths told in court and for the $50,000 they spent trying to get their granddaughter back.

And on the link to see a wonderful story.....


Anonymous said...

Thank you Pam Roach for your help and support for my son and his wife in getting their granddaughter returned to them. I hope other people will learn the truth about how DSHS works. It was a terrible miscarriage of justice. My hat is off to you Ms. Roach. God Bless You.

Anonymous said...

This woman is on King 5 looking for help in your area.

renae's Comments Comment on: Investigators: Judge gives girl back to grandparents at 1/10/2009 5:53 PM PST on
I em so happy the grandparents won in court.thankyou king5 i wish i had someone to help me,like king 5. my grandchlidren were stolen from me by CPS and 2 were adopted out for up to $ 10,000.00 each as was told to me by the head of Social Services in olympia. now they are trying to (sell) adopt out the third.I LOVE AND WANT MY GRANDChildren.they should have never been removed from my home.all the cohersing and lies that CPS workers told just to get my grandchildren. They were always safe in my home I would protect them with my life.

Christy said...

Grandma dealing with Olympia social services contact Washington Families United
or Washington Extended families

Anonymous said...

I am a grandmother, who had my four grandaughters in my home, along with their mom and dad, for five years. When I came home at night, I walked in the house, sat immediately down on the floor, and my beautiful grandbabies would run and give me hugs and kisses and tell me how much they missed me. It was mutual. Now, these beautiful babies are in CPS care. The yougest one was placed with us after much fighting with CPS. The foster parents of the other children make up lies about us, and the youngest grandchild was removed from our home by the police. We had no chance to say anything in our behalf. That was in August. I have not seen her since. I haven't seent he other children since July. We are a good home for these children. We adore these beautiful children. They are such an important part of our lives. CPS put them in an unknown location in Yakima. Mom lives in Everett. She is young, has no car, and no money. Last weekend, after not seeing her children for over a month, she got on a bus and went to Yakima. She got off the bus, and found her way to the women's shelter, then was able to visit her children the following day, and then returned home on the bus. We are concerned. She is young, alone in a strange town at night, in a very unsafe part of town. CPS is putting her safety at risk. There are family in the Everett area that are not being considered even thought they are good homes. I have been fighting CPS for months. They won't listen, they won't return calls, the CPS workers call at 5:00 at night to leave messages. They won't talk to family members. Hearing this story gives me hope. I don't want to loose my grandchildren, but I am terrified. Unfortunately, we are just another family CPS has terrorized.

Anonymous said...

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child. You have been working on thr case for awhile and it is such a blessing for the grandparents to have their granddaughter back with them. You must continue with what you have started. God knows who many similar cases are out there and will not have such a happy result through DSH or DSHS at least in this state. I have seen quiet a few of this type of case through the support group I joined. We are grandparents that are not allowed to see the grandchildren because the parents have decided we are not worthly of being in the grandchildrens lives. A few have been trying for years to get custony of the children when DSH or whatever the tearm is in their state, has removed the children from the parent or parents. It just is so widespead that it is unbelievable how many of these cases are going on. You need to encourage your constiuates to get involved with how the children are placed and if they are being placed fairly through the Social Services Department that look after the welfare of children. Don't just stop with this one case when there are so many other ones that are happening daily. I am sure that they changed their stand because a large television station became involved and they don't want any bad things coming up against them if they can help it. Keep up the good work and keep helping the children as they are not able to speak for themselves and need all the assistance they can get.
Grandparent in Tacoma