Monday, January 12, 2009

Opening Day Of The 2009 WA State Legislature

Today is opening day. I will report the activities as they come along.

This is my 19th session. It is an honor to serve... and opening ceremonies and the swearing in of new and returning senators is the order of the day.

While there is a lot of clapping and standing on the inside of the legislative building...on the outside there are preparations for a lot of hot air! That's because of the big tents going up for the food court area of the governor's ball. The venting system was strewn all over the walkways as we made our way to the chambers.

I missed the swearing in of my son, Rep. Dan Roach. Eight years ago when he was first elected to the House I actually did the swearing in myself.

I cornored Senator Jim Hargrove, Senate Human Services Chairman and it looks like we will be able to have a few good bills heard on the day of our Families First Rally.

Later this afternoon I talked with Mr. Hart (the new Cheryl Steponme). I will not report the details of my conversations with him. But, I did say I wanted to work together to put in some needed checks and balances within CPS. And, I will say that I stressed that without accountability there would be no change in the department. Yes...he did see the KING5 coverage:o)

This was Day 1 of the 105 day session. I drove back to the district for a speaking engagement and got home at 11:30 PM.

Please comment if you have questions about session, an individual bill, or what is on the Senate Dining Room lunch menu!


Anonymous said...

Happy session day! May all the issues presented find fast solutions, a wise counsel, and no hidden agendas (right!)

And all I ask is for 15 minutes of fame on TVW........

Anonymous said...

I look forward to this session. Maybe even more than 2006. That is the one that sent my son home.
Milestones! Babysteps have gotten us just a fraction of the way. Time to go for the Gusto! This year I have a lot of time available to spend on things that need changing. There are definetly a lot of needed changes. We simply are not going to take DSHS the way it has been anymore. See you at the Capitol!

Anonymous said...

As a pause for reflection, there are a couple of issues between the Stuth's case and my own family's case that is very disconcerting. One, is that I complained so they said I was controlling and denied me visitation once the transition to in-home dependency started. The second, is getting "convicted" in court with no way of defending myself. They really did a number on the Stuths in court.
This is a violation of my due process rights when a court allows no defense yet brings accusations that strongly affect a person's rights to their family. The Stuths and myself are far from the only ones this is happening to.
What is ironic to me, is while they are so big on parents/grandparents and using what they call "boundaries" between the two in the process, they then create dependency on them for solutions and money. All they do is transfer dependency. In some respects I am relieved for that transference because it keeps them out of my pocketbook plus there is more accountability, but to say that an adult child should not be dependent on parents only to create dependency on the state is hypocritical.
Throughout time, adult children having a child almost always results in some grandparent involvement. Money, babysitting, advice, support of all types is typical. So, how has this all of a sudden become "bad?" The younger the person is who has a child, the more involvement by the grandparents are needed. How can the state even remotely suggest that if a 16 year old child has a child and is dependent financially on the parents, that they are not allowed to make decisions on behalf of the grandchild?
An issue that I have with the state, and there are a few, is that there is no public education on any of this. If the state has certain expections of either the parent or grandparent and these expections affect the legalities of custody, how can someone know that they are doing something "wrong?" Speed signs are posted everywhere, but try to figure out what the state wants parents/grandparents to do prior to removal.
With hospitals becoming secret government agents, they should have handouts there for grandparents and parents regarding state expectations the moment a baby is born to someone under 18.