Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scathing CPS Report Held Until Leaders Could "Get Out Of Dodge"

See link to DSHS Ombudsman's report at bottom of this page.
Sometimes you just have to rub a little harder....

There was some speculation about the sudden departure of both DSHS head Robin Arnold-Williams and CPS comrade Cheryl Stephanie at year's end. Turns out, it was really all timing around a report outing CPS program failures that the departures were all about.

With a scathing report on the failings of the department about to be released by the Office of the DSHS was the plan:

*Wait until after the election for the release of the document,

* Move Williams and Stephanie out of the picture before the study is released,

* Then hire replacements so there is no one who was immediately responsible for the findings to be around to answer questions,

* Issue the report around the holidays when half the press would be looking for new jobs, and the others vacationing or writing "human interest" stories.

* Have former press guru, Thomas Shapley, ready to deflect any criticism and downplay the study.

It press on the awful revelations!

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Anonymous said...
The US Supreme Court has just ruled that if the police are unaware that they are violating a person's constitutional rights, the evidence they procure can be used against the person, even if its procurement was illegal. This is another dire blow to our already weakened constitutional protections.