Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flooding In Washington The Worst In 100 Years

For out of state readers:
The Washington National Guard has moved in to help. Local emergency management teams are in place as thousands of people evacuate. This is the worst flooding we have ever seen.

My district has not been left out. I talked with son, Representative Dan Roach, today. Two years ago he worked during the night to sand bag riverbanks in Sumner which is in our district. He told me today that he might not be doing that as the water has risen too high and too fast and there may not be an effort there. We are bracing for the full impact. This is not just in farmlands but residential areas.

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W Allen said...

On the Chehalis river portion: While living in Chehalis, I learned that the river does not drop much in a couple of miles and the water almost sits there. After previous (how many?) floods there, why has this not been addressed? I-5 is too important to ignore or set aside till later.