Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jett Travolta...The Risk Of Loving Is Universal

Jett Travolta was, with his disabilities, one of the innocents that blessed the lives of those who knew him. And, because of family fame, the world is reminded again that once a child is born a door is opened and in comes a new person to love and cherish. And, with love comes the risk of losing.

Since the beginning of our Mideast conflicts I have had the following news clip on my refrigerator door:

'He was the most treasured thing I could give my country. I
want people to know the sacrifices he made.'

(Ricky Crose, on his 22-year-old son, Sgt. Bradley Crose, who died in the bloodiest operation of the War in Afghanistan. The elder Crose, his voice breaking, said he wanted his son buried at Arlington National Cemetery.)

Last summer our family lost a very much loved young man, too. He died as a result of a car accident after falling asleep at the wheel. Parents should never outlive a child. My heart goes out to the Travolta family and to all families who through accident, act of war, self-inflictions, or criminal actions lose a child. God bless the families. They need comfort as they mourn.

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Anonymous said...

Very nice words, No parent should outlive their child. It is so sad for this to happen to anyone but since the Travolta's are hollywood nice guys (hard to come by) it some how makes it sadder.
My prayers are out to all parents who have had to find a way to survive after losing a child. I think you are much stronger people than I am.