Thursday, December 31, 2009

Reader Doesn't Get It...Government Should NOT Lie.

NEW READER COMMENT TO THIS BLOG... TO SEE THE WHOLE THING GO TO THE COMMENT SECTION "You should know better than to agree with one of the pet geldlings DSHS keeps around to avoid appearances of a matriarchy. Good health is absolutely vital to being a successful parent, especially when you are faced with kids who likely picked up a lot of bad behavior from their screwball parents." My blog was about a biological maternal grandmother and her husband...not foster parents. If we took children from homes where one parent had an illness then we would have to send around buses to pick up the kids! Lilly's grandmother is the target of lies. The GGM on the paternal side had not even had a medical review required before she and her aging husband got Lilly! I was on the phone with Susan Dreyfus and Randy Hart in June. I was in Germany. I asked Susan if a medical review was required for the GGM. She turned to Randy who was sitting beside her to respond to my questions and I heard him answer: "We are working on it." Translated? "No, Sec. Dreyfus. We have recommended that Lilly go to her GGM and GGP without having required a study on these aging people. We only required one from the people from whom we want to steal." (Only his English wouldn't be that proper.) We do not take kids based on the health of the parent or family member. But, Reader, you miss the point. The report was a lie. And now back to the blog:

One of our challenged readers writes this in regard to Lilly's grandmother:
"If she's never had a mammogram how does she know she doesn't have any issues? And what kinda person doesn't get screed {sic} these days ? Maybe thats what DSHS was going with here..pointing out she doesnt get basic health care ?"

Who would write such stuff?

I reported in this blog that Lilly's grandmother was again lied about in the second in home study. The maternal grandparents have been the targets of a campaign of lies and distortions. The first home study accused them of stealing, etc. It was so bad the study was redone! So the second study has a second set of lies! And, all different from the first ones. (They must have gone to the second file drawer for more ideas.)

One lie is that the grandmother has breast cancer. This was not put in the report but was whispered to me by Randy Hart... "You may not know this but Lilly's grandmother has...breast cancer."

"No. I did not know that. How do YOU know this?" I asked.

Hart replied, "I can't tell you. It comes from a collateral source."

I immediately called Lilly's grandmother.

"They told me I had breast cancer in our last meeting," she said. "It was verbal. They have not given me the report even though they say it is done. It was so sick I laughed at them! How do they come up with this stuff? I have never even had a mammogram and I am planning on walking to Olympia from Anacortes in protest of what they are doing. I am in fine health!" said the 46 year-old grandmother.

To our challenged reader: You represent a very dangerous mentality. Government should not lie about its citizens and should be accountable at every step. Your Fascist-style way of thinking has gotten us where we are.

1. Health is not a reason for taking kids. (Even Hart agreed to that.)

2. Grandmother is under the age of U.S. standards for breast screening which is 50. But, if you haven't had one...hold on can anyone know you have breast cancer?

3. She has very good healthcare...but to prove her health in the face of the lies had to go out and have a battery of tests done at her own expense.

4. Fascists like the guilty statements. No trial. No rebuttal allowed. Make things up as you go.

5. Government is lying. It is such a lie that they don't want to put it in writing...just lie and rumor monger! There is no excuse for this. Susan: Find out who the collateral source is. If it is an employee of yours then you know what you promised. And, if Mr. Hart says things like this without a doctor's report in his hand....What should you do?

And, as to our challenged reader...try using your spell check. This "what kinda person doesn't get screed" is painful enough to read.


Anonymous said...

Whoever made that comment obviously has issues with their elevator going to the top. The point is just what you keep repeating Senator Roach. There is no accountability for the lies told and families are being torn apart based on the lies. What happened to being innocent until proven guilty? In the eyes of the judge`s within the juvenile system, cps never has to prove anything. I hope the media doesn`t let up on what seems to be one of the biggest issues in our state. The Governor needs to get these babies taken "without cause" back to the families they love and long to be with. And, I don`t like to speak badly of people and this is only my opinion BUT if Lilly`s GGP`s had her best interests at heart, they would be fighting for her to go back to her GP`s. That baby is being held against her will. If you or I did that to a child, it would be KIDNAPPING. Lilly needs to go home!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The lawyers do not see this as lying but rather dodging a political land mine. They want to win, lack of health care may be a chink in the grandmothers armor and politically they can not come out and question a persons health care choices. By implying that this person has a horrible disease they are being provocative and tricking the grandmother into revealing information about her medical choices they wouldnt be able to ask her. They may know something or they may be on a fishing expedition.

You should know better than to agree with one of the pet geldlings DSHS keeps around to avoid appearances of a matriarchy. Good health is absolutely vital to being a successful parent, especially when you are faced with kids who likely picked up a lot of bad behavior from their screwball parents.

Anonymous said...

Susan Dreyfus and company are cognizant that they do not save children she cannot also be unaware that CPS is the major maltreater of children!
The only thing Susan Dreyfus is interested in is contritely discussing the semantics of "Child Saviors" such as her professed agenda of eliminating child neglect by poverty.
Susan Dreyfus is succinctly aware that one third of all foster children are physically abused, they are eight times more likely to be sexually molested and six times more likely to die. This is the improved outcome desired!
Susan Dreyfue was hired by Governor Christine Gregriore because she is good at snatching children and adopting them out.

Anonymous said...

I know parents with MS that have siezures, pass out, and have small children. My granddaughter's first foster home was with a legally blind man! I, as a grandmother, protested, stating, "How is his seeing-eye dog going to take care of an infant? His doctor eventually said something and she was removed, months later. Her sister at home with me, her biological, custodial grandmother. Well, that's the law. Yes, when she was first taken, that is where she lived! And to hear about undiagnosed breast cancer? Yes, I can believe it.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be mandated prosecution and prison time for these lies. Judges need to be mandated to pass these on to prosecutors. They need to be warned that this WILL happen If they even make an error in wording that jepordizes a child and family(after all that is wreckless endangerment). That would at least make them think twice. Send one to prison and they would get a clear message. It is time to pull the reigns and let them know Americans are not going to put up with these blatant crimes. Some hard core changes need to be made. Zero tolerance!

gorillamum said...

One thing that really hasn't been addressed is that CPS pits family members against each other. Bad enough I am the "black sheep" of the family, but now my sister who also has power of attorney for my mom is trying to get the kids. She is trying to get my mom to throw me away and cut me out of her will! CPS workers do their best to make an already dysfunctional family even more dysfunctional so they can use it against ALL family members to put these kids up for adoption. I will not play into it at all. They destroy everything there is to families, even dysfunctional one's.