Thursday, January 15, 2009

Families First Rally ... Feb. 5th, Noon in the Olympia Capitol Rotunda

We have set the date for the Families First Rally for Feb. 5th at noon in the Capitol Rotunda. I am  working with family advocates to put together a program. I will write tonight about the details. Please plan to attend. We need everyone to attend who feels strongly on this issue.
More later.....


Anonymous said...

If there is anything in particular you want me to do regarding the rally let me know
Jan Smith

Anonymous said...

There is much work to be done! This is only the beginning! See you there!

A concerned Grandparent!

Anonymous said...

Please,please,please,I am begging to let my voice be heard on this day. You may or may not be sup-rised at my case but I need to talk. My voice needs to be heard. I know there are many others but I have to do whatever I can to help change CPS for the better. There's got to be a change in the CPS system or we are never going to be free.
I am so close to losing my children over a false arrest(charges dropped) and I have to be at this rally and I must be heard.
Pam,thank you for shedding light on CPS. I have been sharing this blog with many.
My contact is

Save My Children said...

Thank you for caring! I've been searching for help for 18 months. CPS is out of control! They are suppose to protect children not bring harm to them! They have lost site of what CPS is! CPS is suppose to look out for the best interest of the children not having their main concern being how much money they can make off of the children! They have destroyed my family and harmed my children simply because of money, race, age, and marital status! My chilren never did anything to deserve the pain these people have put them through! I will be there on Thursday standing strong and standing up for what is right!

Anonymous said...

What a great rally! King 5 has a nice video about the rally. I heard these same horror stories 15 years ago. If we do not stop this now, it will not only continue, it will get worse.

You can copy the above address in your web browser address bar to see the King 5 video.