Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Today, Judge Ronald Kessler did the right thing and reunited the Stuth family!

CPS was flippin' mad....KING5 got it all and it is splashed across the evening TV news...and the family cried with tears of joy.

The judge was prepared to terminate but because the state lied to him he did not. He said the state erred by not placing first with the relatives. He said the mother had been wrongly classified with substance problems she did not have. He wants third party custody. (This is what the family had asked for in the first place!) He has given the Stuths one week to get the paper work ready.

Since Little Lisa was removed from the foster woman and is in emergency foster placement right now it just could be that there will be placement with the Stuths by the weekend. Please see for tonight's story.

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Anonymous said...

He made history Pam!!Never in history have I heard of this happening.Let this be hope for every family!

Anonymous said...

I hope you've had a chance to give the family a big deserve it!

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

How sweet it was! We are doing the welcome home dance in our office as we speak.

So..the department erred as did the dependency court. Judge Kessler made it very clear with his decision.

Now it is time to dole out the punishment for not going by what the law states. Surely the legislature has or will make some provisions for that.

And a BIG ATTA GIRL for you, Ms Roach..I can hear the tongue wagging already, and the whispers as you walk by. I hope that you are never able to wipe the smile off your face. Well Done Senator!


From the office of:

Washington Families United

Anonymous said...

This is the most exciting thing that has happened in a long time. Let us not forget that each county has its own standards and players. The success was in King County and I am thankful for that.....We have all the rest to get to know you might say.

Congrats Stuths, you rock Pam Roach! King 5 we owe you one.

nickerdew said...

Thank You Pam Roach!
I have been following your blogs on this subject and I can not express to you near enough what a blessing it is that you are helping bring to light the corrupt practices of C.P.S. and saving our children.

Although not all families are as fortunate as the Stuth family and many have been threatend into saying and doing whatever C.P.S. wants or never see their children again, I do feel a huge sense of victory for the Stuth family.

I pray that many more families will soon be free of the bullies of C.P.S.

God has a special place in heaven for people who fight for the safety of children.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

This is great news. Thank goodness for judges with common sense. With budgets in trouble, possibly down sizing DSHS and their 'we know all attitude' is in order. And possible some inside investigation pertaining to this case and the sudden moving from one foster home to another at the last minute. Seems like something is being covered up, or was found out and DSHS is back tracking - and too bad if DSHS/CPS is flipping mad as you put it. It is problably a good job by government employees, just poor DSHS management. This entire thing has probably left a 3 year old child terrorized, just to have it the DSHS way. Enough is Enough. If they can't do a better job, they ought to get out of the business - or be taken out of the business. The legislature needs to seriously look into this. There are also stories about the attorney representing the state had been ran out of California, and doesn't have a license to practice law in Washington, but DSHS can hire as a consultant. I don't know if this it true, but should be checked out.
Thanks for your work on this too.

Anonymous said...

Senator Roach, do the Stuths have an attorney that can get done what is needed in the time frame? Do they have the funds to pay for it? Is this surprise move of the child to a different foster home a ploy by CPS to hide the child or lay down ground work to interfere with the Stuth's next move? I don't trust CPS and I truly hope you and your constituents spend some time during this next session cleaning up this mess over there.

Anonymous said...

What great news! I have followed this blog always hoping that things would turn out "right." Senator, I don't think this would have had a happy ending without your involvement. You are awesome!! Thank you for all you do and good luck during the session bringing more change to this broken system.

Martha said...

Thank you for being a champion for this dear little girl and her family!

So many are suffering because family courts and CPS are failing our families.

I am praying that the Stuths victory is a sign of the change that we have been fighting for!

Bless you,
Martha Hyde

mgirl said...

I am sitting here with tears running down my face. I am so happy for this little girl and her family. It's such a rarity to see something happen right after DCFS has interfered (not intervened) in a family.

I wish you could find the time to help my children. Apparently a TPR has been filed on my 2yo son 10-29-08, but I still haven't been served. No attorney to help with legal issues. My 7 children are all with their grandparents--federal guidelines specify that TPR/adoption is NOT mandatory if child is living with relatives!

And there has been NO abuse or neglect, no alcohol or drug issues, no anger... They "don't know" what the issues are, so there aren't any "services" they can provide to fix the problems they can't identify.

Anyway, thank you so much for all your hard work for Lisa! I know it will impact other cases, but I fear it won't help me in time unless I get some fierce watchdogs on my side.