Sunday, May 31, 2009

Yet Another Three-Year-Old Girl Being Taken?...Also, Please Call KING 5 Or See Their Blog To Verify Rally.

(I am out of town...yes...again...and so I must rely on others a bit more. Please verify the mention here of a June 2nd rally for Poca and plan to attend. We need momentum! Do not miss a single opportunity!)


"We, too are going through this after having our niece for 18 months. She is almost 3. We are meeting with a new attorney on Wednesday but what good does it do when the Judge doesn't care about the child`s feelings? It`s always one accusation after another from the caseworker with no proof to back anything up. The caseworker has made it clear that she has an adoptive home for this little girl. We are her family and she needs us as much as we need her. We will not give up. We need as many people as possible to come to the rally for little Poca on June 2nd. This may not only help the Langleys but us as well as others fighting this horrible system that is supposed to be protecting children. Our niece was never harmed in any way with us and is now being emotionally destroyed. Please come to the rally at the Denny Juvenile Justice Center on June 2nd. King 5 will be there and you may be able to tell your story."
Anon. Reader


Lovingfitfather said...

"To an empire built of lies the truth is treason," Ron Paul.

Accountability will never be part of the equation as long as our courts condone the unethical administration of Child Welfare.
Those who have been through this physical and emotional rending machine are exposed to a real life horrific version of the popular fable "Brier Rabbit and the Tar Baby."
The extended family members who step forward after finding out that their sons or daughters are not the problem but CPS is often think well if I step up to the plate we can recuperate our family member.
Wrong you are summarily deposed,as if you were a threat to national commerce, and that is the fact of the matter.
The final phase is designed to silence your cries of fowl, or at least discredit them.
Termination of Parental Rights, when you contact your local legislators,press, police or others they will ultimately have to contact CPS (The Foxes in Charge of the Chicken House) where all inquiries are met with the same answer "Of course we have some inequities, but in this particular case the parents and family really are mentally ill or criminal drug addicts etc;" So don't listen to them ...
Not4playn AKA Lovingfitfather

Lovingfitfather said...

New group dedicated to resolving CPS corruption;

Stacy Trussell said...

I left the comment about our 3 year neice. There has been a fund set up to help with legal fees on this case. We are not going to stop fighting for her. Her nickname is "bug". Donations can be made at any Key Bank in Wa. state. The name of the fund is "The little bug fund". Everyone is on our side including the parents. The only people fighting against us is c.p.s. The current placement met the family wanting to adopt her and found out our neice was promised to them 1 month before she was taken from us. The family was told she was free from parental rights which is not true. Neither my brother`s rights or the child`s mother`s rights have been terminated. She has family which includes her parents. They both have told us they cannot raise her but they want us to. She not only has us, the only family she`s known but bbeing with us she would know who her parents are and have as much as a relationship as they would allow. She also has 3 sisters she would have contact with. It is sickening to find out she was promised to a family just because they wanted a child. During ameeting yesterday, the supposed new family asked what they could do to make things better for her and the vgal said " tell me how you`re going to fix a broken heart". This child needs her family not strangers just because they want her. Please help us with our fight. We will not stop fighting for this baby until she`s back with us.

Anonymous said...

Parent and Family members,
You must remain strong and stay positive. If you become a raving lunatic (see lovingfitfather) you are going to give cps fuel for their case against you. Stay stable, stay strong, and if you need help SEEK IT OUT. And if you love this child, NEVER give up.

Lovingfitfather said...

I want to thank anonymous for inferring to my lunacy.
Nancy Schaefer is also suspected of mental issues as well as most individuals who stand up DCFS.
For the record throughout this whole ordeal I have had seven mental health evaluations. I guess they are persistent right' Four conclude no mental impairment,one which was an intake interview only declared that I am bi-polar, a private psychiatrist declared me as havening paranoid feature and the last concluded that I have a narcissistic feature.
The notable feature of all the. mental evaluations is that they all come to totally unrelated and different conclusions.
CPS and the Judge decided that I have all three untreated mental illnesses.
It is said that "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder; Well mental illness is "In the mind of the controller.
It is safe to say that my accuser being anonymous, is either with the department or a Foster Care representative.