Tuesday, June 2, 2009

On The Street Corner

This morning I stood on the corner of Waldlehrpfod and Koblenzstrasse with my four- year-old granddaughter, Sadie. We weren't the only ones waiting for the school bus. But, I will say I didn't look ANYTHING like the other omas. And, I couldn't understand a thing they were saying!

Here I am with my spiky hair (which never goes gray), in my jeans (instead of a dress), and wearing a hooded, zippered sweatshirt instead of a knit sweater. God Bless America!

They were probably saying, "Who the heck is that old woman in the spiky hair?"

This little town is really a village like you think of in the story books. All the homes are older and so German. There are hardly any cars. You can stand here for 10 minutes and maybe a motorcycle comes by. In fact, there are hardly any people to be seen. It is just small! But, there are a few kids that emerge from the window boxed homes which are surrounded by small but beautiful gardens. And, in this shrinking country...only one child per house.

One of my self assigned duties is to walk Sadie to the bus stop. Tomorrow, I will get on the brightly caricatured painted bus with Sadie and my camera. I have visited many private and public schools schools in China and Honduras and now I will take a peek at the German schools. Just what do they provide this American family for 35 Euros ($50) a month? I think you will be surprised.

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strawberryblonde said...

The best education is one that includes immersion in all cultures!