Saturday, June 27, 2009

DSHS Does A "Cruel Lilly-Flip" (Now We Have A Name For The Game)

Cruel Lilly-Flip v (2009): The DSHS act of luring relatives into thinking they will be treated fairly and then moving forward with the taking of a child. An action without warning. Committed by DSHS with motivation. 1. to show power over financially strained relatives, 2. retaliate against relatives who dare fight to keep their kids, 3. cover-up departmental mistakes or wrongdoings, 4. move quickly to place child in a promised location, 5. establish the need for more government clock hours, 6. reap more federal dollars. Always unnecessarily hurtful. Part of a stream of actions designed to hurt primary caregivers. SYN CHANGE UP, DOUBLE CROSS, SCREW JOB.

Well, at least there is a name for it.

On Tuesday of this week the department went out to the grandparents for a new study. The grandparents were delighted. The first study made them out to be thieves, etc.

On Wednesday I met with Sec. Susan Dreyfus about CPS in general...but this case did come up and I thanked her for the fact that there was a new study being done. (She had all the paperwork on the case in front of her.) I also stated that since there were no accusations of harm to Lilly that she never should have been taken in the first place. And, that that general issue needed to be addressed within the department.

On Friday, during a one hour visit with Lilly, I received a call from Lilly's grandmother. She was in tears. The social worker said Lilly would not be able to speak for 2 minutes on the phone with her mother as she had done on all other visits. And...Lilly told her grandmother that she now has a new name. And, she has been learning how to write the name. The name is that of the paternal great-grandparents.

You know...if you are going to take the child (who was not abused in any way and there were no accusation of abuse) how bad is it to undertake another home study (because the first one was either done by an incompetent or done with the specific purpose in mind of taking the child to give to a predetermined "other" person)...and to then be able to cover your ass by now being able to say..."Well, Senator Roach, we did correct the home study," but in reality have already made the decision?

You look at what they do...not believe what they say.


Anonymous said...

So much for the new and improved department head. I believe they are just hanging out and biding their time waiting for the ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Then, they really won't have to answer to anyone anywhere. If Gregoire appointed her, then she is suspect.

Cheri Covert said...

I was praying maybe with a new person in there things would be handled in a different manner,sadly same crap different day.Just so you know I believe only 25% at the very most 35% of children need to be put into care.If you think what they do to relatives and foster parents is bad it's worse how they railroad bio families.If they decide your not going to get your children back for whatever reason it does'nt matter if you complete services there just going to keep adding more and make it impossible till they finally break you.Add to that minimal license requirment to be a foster parent so many times their putting children in unsafe placements[braam]and in a worse situation than what they took them out of.Just remember foster care has turned into a money making deal it stopped being about child safety a long time ago.

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Toby Keith said it best..

We'll Put a Boot in Your A$$..It's the American Way.

What is hard for most of us to wrap our arms around is this..We, you, us expose the dirty deeds..and they just keep on doing it.

So much for due process. Maybe it's time to take these issues into the Federal Court.

I for one am DONE with this entity.

Just let us know how we can be of assistance.


Anonymous said...

OMG! How disgusting. These scumbags don't care at all, they thrive on getting one's hopes up and destroying them. Let alone what they've done to the child. May God show no mercy on them.

Anonymous said...

I met with Drefus' predecessor, mrs. Stephani, about about a case, even received a letter stating the gist of that meeting and conclusions, which, while not ideal, would have been satisfactory. Nothing changed. DSHS caseworkers/lawyers marched on their destructive paths like Stephani's work with us was completely disposable or never happened. I wouldnt hold your breath waiting to witness an exhibition of authority..Olympia truly has lost control of these little fiefdoms.

Anonymous said...

So are you saying Susan is as worthless as the rest?

Anonymous said...

So where is Lily? And who is responsible for all the damage? CPS, greatgrandmother, CASA, Judge, who has so much at stake? Is there more to this story?

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator,
I for one am not surprised. It makes me sick the way they pretend they are going to help you...Then boom the other shoe falls and you can't believe what just happened but, that was the plan all along! Then they sit back and laugh at how stupid you were to think that you could work hard to save your children or prove to them that you deserve your children back!
Dreyfus,Gregoire,the lowly little case worker its all the same. Nothing will ever change unless the people make it change.
I am just disgusted with the entire states government.

Anonymous said...

I'm noticing that people mainly only comment on Children's Admin issues. Anyway, I like to hear about the places you travel too, because I'm poor right now and can't!

Lovingfitfather said...

You can call me crippled blind or crazy,but "The Child Saviors" are "Wolves in sheep's clothing, and if we had "Constitutional Rights," or a truly free press this would not be happening.
CPS could not traffic in children without political support or the presses suppression of the truth.
It is pretty telling when parents and families who have never abused or neglected children can't prevail in court or cause public exposure of the truth.
Anonymous who wants to hear about travels rather than being informed of abuse and exploitation of children and families exemplifies the vehicle's of CPS'S success apathy and thanks to the "FREE PRESS" ignorance.
I will be in Olympia July 17th -19th in support of "Family Fest" being held in Washington DC with protest posters,informational flyers, my story and all the people I can convince to participate.
Stand up now children are needlessly dying...

Stacy Trussell said...

Every day that passes is torture for us without our neice. The 4th of July is usually a big family gathering at our house and this year it won`t be the same without the little one. It isn`t only us affected but several family members. We would like something done today and it seems like it should be such an easy thing for anybody looking over the paperwork given to us saying why she was taken to see it wasn`t right. I have high hopes that Susan Dreyfus may get something done but nobody can expect this lady to come into this mess of a c.p.s. system that we have and get things changed overnight. And as far as children rightfully taken, yes there are many times that c.p.s. is right for doing that. And sometimes not. The system doesn`t discriminate when it comes to hurting children and their families whether it be foster families, relatives, or bio parents. If the laws were actually followed, there would be less damage done. We had a fundraising bake sale for the "Poca Fund" yesterday and we heard many horror stories about the Everett Department which is where our case is from. I think if these people were made an example of the wrongdoing, it might be a start. Everyone needs to give Susan Dreyfus a chance though. She got thrown amongst a big mess but it sounds like she is at least willing to try to make things right.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lovingfitfather,
I was only making an observation about comments on this blog.
I think you may benefit from seeking some professional help in regards to your issues.
You seem pretty irrational.
Good luck to you.