Monday, June 29, 2009

Hondurans Fear For Their Country!!

Written after I asked for an update. I did not edit. This was written very quickly. Note the last question.

Hi Pam,
We are very worried about the situation in Honduras, because Mel Zelaya is a Bad Bad president he says that he is still the president and Chavez says that he is going to take Venezuelan and nicaraguan militaries inside Honduras. And what it hurst them Chavez, Mel , Evo Morales and Correa is that they can take anymore drugs no more money for them Thats what it hurts them the most. Jose (name removed) is very worried because chavez is taking in militaries , I dont understand why CNN and other Americans Are lying in the news, They dont know the truth His son is the worst drug dealer in Honduras all the drug comes from Venezuela. I dont want Honduras to be like Venezuela. Please dont believe the lies what they are saying about the Honduras military they did the best thing for our country. The party is over for Mel and all his monkeys they wasted all the money reserve we had. I will be in touch. Would Usa will permit venezuela to introduce honduras territory?


Last question: Would the United States allow Venezuela to introduce their military troops into Honduras?

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