Sunday, June 14, 2009

Guardian Ad Litums And CASAs Hide From Oversight And Accountability

Tremendous power. No accountability. No change of venue when they have it in for the family.

The CASA for the Stuths was really very bad. I tried to bring this to the attention to the authorities. What happened?

He was awarded "CASA of the Year" by King County CASA administrators. (They actually protected the guy's ass!)

You should have been at the State's Sunshine Committee to hear the King County CASA folks defend their secret domain! (Please see previous PRR.) They even brought along a judge to say how bad opening the system to public oversight would be. (It was really pathetic.) They were defending a system that hides the facts about CASAs and GALs. They would rather have complete secrecy...complete autonomy...and no accountability to the public at all!

I argued we needed to have the sun shine on these people. They should have to file public disclosure statements like all the executive, judicial and legislative branch employees. What happened?

The King County CASA administrators came down to testify that disclosure would ruin the program and that NO ONE would sign up to be CASAs. Have you ever heard such BS?

Only on rare occasions.

Note: There are 600 CASAs just in King County. Let's see the stats on these people and on the program. How many are used over and over by certain social workers? I think they should be randomly drawn. How many of the 600 are actually used? The list of questions could go on and on.... OPEN THE DOORS!

If we have this system in our should be an open system!


infinite freedom said...

CASAs are just like their "special" psyche evaluators and visitation supervisors, social workers do shop around untill they find ones who will thoughtlessly side with the state.

The price for this culture of corruption is the lives of our children.

Anonymous said...

Years ago in another family law venue, I came across CASAS in a state not of my own ( my state does not frequently utilize same).

The CASAS I came across in legal debates were individuals, sadly, who had no regard for the law; rather, they, as lay people, only proceeded according to their individual agendas.

As one who works in law and as one who recognizes that there are safeguards in the law, if the law is properly read and applied, I do not condone the use of CASAS.

Handholding, yes............applying law, making decisions regarding law, no.

CASAS were a feel good thought and implementation that went astray and has only, in my humble opinion, created more harm than good---just like social workers-well meaning as some might be, when social workers and CASAS are involved in LAW, they do more harm than good.

Keep up the good fight, Senator.
All the best from NYC.

Lovingfitfather said...

We need people to show up in Olympia Washington for a rally on the Capitol Campus grounds.
Whether or not the legislature is in session is immaterial. What is needed is for people to show up, bring your signs,bring your stories,bring your lawn chairs,tell all and bring your friends.
It matters not what your position is CPS is rampant with corruption they are not concerned with the welfare of any children or families only the welfare of themselves.
This coincides with the national rally in Washington DC July 17th-19th
Children and Families need you to show support for a legitimate change in polices. We need equitable administration of Child Welfare not exploitation of children,families and taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Well said anger, no redundency...just plain fact! Please support!

Anonymous said... kind of you to say the casa in the Stuth case was "really bad"....most call him an evil bastatrd.

Anonymous said...

My CASA is mysteriously no longer a CASA. Besides having very little education, and having abackground in "selling jewelry", she had a sickening fondness for my son. My son has been exposed to people I wouldn't give the time of day but we'll get through this. We are smart and we are strong!