Friday, June 26, 2009

Sen. Roach, Rep. Roach, and Ethan Roach In Berlin, Honduras, CA

The only ones smiling in this picture are the Americans. The man made lake behind us was put in by another non-profit. It was a fish farm project. The village can now not afford the $65 USD for the fry. This will be my next project area. Dan served as a translator for us. I was very proud that he is fluent in Spanish. Four of my five children served LDS missions and are fluent in other languages. Comes in handy!

Look at Ethan in the front. He has his arm around his new friend, Dario. We invited Dario to come with us to Berlin. Ethan, Dario, and 20 other boys played soccer while the clinic in Belaire was operating. There is no language barrier in friendship.

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