Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Status On Important Court Case And Ethics Complaint

The judgement that the State Supreme Court will give in the case argued June 2, 2008, "The Dependency of ALSB," is something to watch.

The oral argument is a MUST for those interested in CPS issues. Please go to the TVW site or previous PRR link.

ALSB involved an Hispanic man who followed all the guidelines set out by the department as conditions for his getting his daughter back. He met the conditions and the state adopted her out anyway. The fact that a decision has not yet been rendered may mean that the court is in deep disagreement and dissents are many. It usually takes about six months and this has taken a full year. This one is making its way around the court.

And then there is the case of the foster woman in the Stuth Case and the complaint she filed against me.

She might be pretty mad. You know, she did lose her license, for cause I might add. She lost the child that she was promised and that the whole machine of government was trying to steal for her...but she also lost the money that comes with the foster system. She lost two kids so that was a hunk of money for her. Remember, the Ethics Board director, attorney Mike O'Connel, has said they are not interested in interviewing me again. I was interviewed 5 months ago...they interviewed many other people and like the biological grandparents in the Stuth Case and in Lilly's Case, I will have no ability to counter the lies. You are guilty if enough people lie. You know...I don't even think they interviewed the Stuths. How can that be? They just don't want to interview people who actually appreciated my efforts?

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