Sunday, June 28, 2009

Honduran President Arrested As He Tries A Leftist Takeover

I am very worried.

Over the weekend the current president (knowing that he would not be reelected) had ballots printed for an advisory election that would alter the constitution as it applies to elections in Honduras.

The head of the military refused to distribute the ballots that were declared unconstitutional by the Honduras Supreme Court. The leftist president fired the general. Military heads quit in support of the general.

800 "advisers" were sent from Hugo Chavez to help with the election designed to set a despot in place forever!

The military administers elections in Honduras. When the military refused to help with an illegal election the ballots were taken by the president and held at his palace. The president declared he would hold an election despite the supreme court unanimous ruling that to do so was unconstitutional.

The streets teemed with protesters over the actions of the president.

The general was ordered by the supreme court to resume his post because he had been dismissed without cause.

Today the president was arrested and flown by helicopter to an undisclosed location.

Honduras is a very poor country and ripe for take over. Fidel Castro, and the pres. of Nicaragua were also supportive of the actions of Pres. Jose Manuel Zeleya, a leftist elected in 2005.

We need to do more to help the people of Honduras. 80% are very poor. There is not enough wealth in the country to address the problems of hunger, living conditions, health needs and education. Americans are there. I know many. But we need to work faster!

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Anonymous said...

So, what do you suggest?
The United States could come to the rescue and turn them all into welfare recipients and remove their children.
The wealthy could move in by storm and buy up the place leaving the natives with nothing. They might provide jobs though.
Resources could be more closely looked at and training/opportunities for exports and small business increased. If they are freedom loving, the last one might be best. If that happens, let me know. I might move there. It seems we don't have too much freedom here anymore.