Monday, June 29, 2009

Update From Honduras Regarding Coup Attempt (?)

This is a note from a Honduran friend on the coast (6 hour drive from the capitol).

Sunday 5:50 PM


Well, to tell the truth... things are a little bit hectic right now in Honduras.

The former president is in Nicaragua and a new president has been appointed by congress.

We still do not know what the fate of Mel Zelaya will be...

From another friend on the coast:

Sunday 8:45 PM

Our little area is of little consequence politically. That is perhaps why my neighbors struggle so. We are fine and all the people we know are happy with ousting a president who chose to ignore the Honduran constitution with designs to become the next dictator along with his good friend Hugo Chavez. People are celebrating the new temporary president.

I wrote to my friend: "Send more as you can. The news is reporting that the UN and the Obama Ad. want Mel (nick name for the president) back in office." The response was:

Monday 6:30 AM
"I know. I heard that and I am very concerned for the USA. The people here, even liberals, are very happy with the results. For the most part we want freedom."

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