Monday, June 8, 2009

Sightseeing In Bavaria...Going On The Road

Tomorrow, in the spare car, I will take off to see parts of Bavaria and maybe some of Austria.

My goal is to go to Neuschwanstein Castle ("Mad King" Ludwig's castle that Disney used as a model) and maybe Kehelsteinhaus (the "Eagle's Nest" where Hitler robbed Tom Cruise's character on the one hand...and Allied Troops on the other).

Luxembourg was great. And, I will take short trips to Paris and Brussels.

Mostly, I am enjoying my grandkids. I check in at the office everyday thanks to a great phone plan here, and check in with people at home. I know, for instance, that while I am on the road...the rest of the family will be working in the garden and having a BBQ after the work is done. HANG IN THERE FAMILY....I PROMISE TO BE BACK IN TIME FOR THE HARVEST!

I raised my kids on "The Little Red Hen." So, I doubt they will let me eat! My defense will be: "If anyone else needs me in Europe I will be there for them, too!"


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strawberryblonde said...

Have a wonderful time! I will be enjoying your jaunt vicariously.