Monday, June 29, 2009

Reader's Comment On 80%

"80% is an inflated number. Remember that when a child is removed from their parents they are also removed from their grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, cousins, pets, homes and their innocence. You can't tell me that of all these children there aren't some good relatives out there who would die just to help their families and the children. I am sick to death of lies, allegations and downright incompetence on the states part in removing children. If a young parent is on drugs - get them help, help the children place them with relatives until that parent gets their act together. putting children with strangers and adopting them out thus severing all ties with their entire family is wrong and the state of Washington is the worst state in the union. This state does not care about these kids only the money they can bring."

Dear reader: It is more than the money they are after. And, I agree with this reader and will forward the message to the source of the 80% guesstimate.


Anonymous said...

If not money then what? Promising children to friends? To people who cannot have children? Employees? Same sex parteners? Single parents? What other choices are there? The Federal funding makes supply and demand the bottom line...doesn't it? There is NO reason to remove children from families!

Anonymous said...

I have found that less than 30% of children removed were ever in danger of harm. there is no way all these kids in foster care have no family or as the law expanded to include friends of the family. The one thing I have noticed is foster parents are licensed if they have unfounded allegations but relatives are denied if they even made a referral or have an unfounded allegation. Double standards!

Anonymous said...

That is also the question that I have is why? Why is this happening? Everybody knows that what is going on and has been going on is wrong. You cannot take babies and children from people just because they are poor. We all know that; so, what is behind all of this? Does anybody have an answer that makes sense?

Anonymous said...

The only answer I can think of is because THEY HAVE TOO MUCH POWER.
They do it because they can.
Have you heard the saying, Absolute power corrupts absolutely? It's that simple.
(And terribly wrong)

Stacy Trussell said...

I think the percentage is probably pretty accurate these days. When my cousin was working on getting her 2 boys back, we were still being asked to adopt them. When we said their mom wanted them (she was working hard)we were told if we didn`t adopt them, they would find somebody who would. It all worked out and they are home but I`ve seen such heartache being caused. The bottom line is that when the wrongdoing is there, whether it be the caseworker or supervisor, someone needs to hold them accountable. The only reason our neice was taken from us is because somebody else wanted her. NOT another family member but someone the caseworker chose. To SendSamHome, don`t give up. We won`t even if we`re still fighing a year from now. If we give up, they win!!

Anonymous said...

Today I saw cps twist and turn words around, deny any wrongdoing, place a child with a man who raped her mother and who never did a thing to help support this child. Now you tell me why. This child has lost everthing she ever knew and cps did it. If this guy would give drugs and alcohol to a developmentally delayed 15 year old, walk out when she turned up pregnant and then he gets placement because why why why