Friday, June 5, 2009

Dr. John Hilger, MD, Donates To Clinic In Honduras

While I am here in Germany some very special friends are helping with a new project for Honduras.

Dr. John Hilger of Tacoma is retiring and he has donated his operating room to one of my project sites. Thank you, John. Your donation will help many.

I also want to thank friend, Cheryl Marshall, for coordinating the transfer and storage of the equipment. The lighting and opertating tables are very heavy and had to be disassembled. Much of the medical equipment is fragile and needed special packing. Cheryl has helped on projects before. Thank you so much.

And, husband Jim... thank you for your help in the move. Farm life keeps the guys young ladies. I do believe my man is just as strong and helpful as when I married him.

Thanks to all the other good friends and to the Butlers for offering the storage area. The container will go out in the fall.

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