Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Good News...New Home Study For Lilly's Grandparents


For six months I have been pushing for a new home study in the case of little Lilly. Three weeks ago I spoke to new DSHS Director Susan Dreyfus from a German countryside home. The conversation lasted 50 minutes. She was listening and a new home study is currently being done.

Yesterday, Lilly's grandparents got a fair shot...the only one they have been given. A new interview process has begun.

This circumstance is a major break though for all citizens and bodes well for our citizens and children.

Remember the first study was laced with lies and broad statements that left negative impressions of the grandparents who had raised Lilly since birth. Did they steal a computer from Swedish Hospital? No, it was given to them by DSHS as a refurbished computer donated by Swedish for foster care providers. (I will only use this one example...there are many.) It took repeated intervention by a State Senator (me) to get the home study corrected. The case was in court for a quick permanent placement outside the home and CPS took its sweet time...on purpose. NOTHING GOOD was said about the grandparents in the report. No community awards, etc. I only ask that the law be followed and that people be treated fairly!

So....Let's celebrate.

I am behind in sleep so will report on today's very good meeting with Susan Dreyfus tomorrow. She is the ONLY administrator within DSHS (and top dogs have come and gone)to actually take action.

Night, night. and, I am sure I will sleep tight. Two good days in a row!


Anonymous said...

I'am so proud of you Pam, so many people would have walked away.You grew stronger instead.Thank you!
I hope to read that Lily is home for some beautiful 4th of July fireworks.Talk about an Independance Day to remember...wouldn't it be great.

Strawberryblonde said...

I rise to give you a standing ovation. Well done, Senator Roach.

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

So you have a touch of "JET LAG"!

They say you can never catch up on the sleep that has been lost. I say..I will sure give it the old Girl Scout try. It will be over soon.

We will all rest better knowing that you are back home.

It sounds like your meeting went well with the new administrator. Never a doubt in my mind!

We will talk soon.


CC Tillett

Anonymous said...

Congrats Pam, I pray the homestudy is honest and well done. It is an important piece of information, it can make or break this placement. Best wishes to all for a job well done. I hope CA stands the chance to redeem its self with this new person, Susan. I only wish the removal had NEVER happened, the damage is done, may Lilly be brought home ASAP. Pam you have become a house hold name to many families in the States as well as outside the States. Keep your fight alive so many cling to the hope of change you bring! "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter"