Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OK... So Belgium Chocolate IS Something To Snob About

Good grief! The chocolate is wonderful in Belgium!

I was determined to do Brussels by the book (that would be Rick Steve's book) and I did.

I took a military tour so enjoyed the company of young enlisted men and women and a few retirees on the day trip to Belgium. We took a bus.

Here was my list:

Buy chocolate from the world's best chocolate makers,
Eat mussels and fries,
Have a Belgian Waffle with strawberries and whipped cream from a street vendor just like Rick does in his video,
Enjoy St. Michael's Cathedral and the the old part of the city.

I collect elephants purchased in the country where they were made and added to my collection. There was perfect weather and I had a wonderful visit.

I brought a nice box of chocolate back to my daughter-in-law. She did offer to share...but I haven't seen the box around lately :o)


Anonymous said...

Chocolate, belgium waffles, I am so hungry right now I could eat an elephant! (as long as it is chocolate and with whipped cream)

Obviously this is some conservative plot to ruin this liberals diet.
I am from Indiana and somewhat left-leaning, but I admire the work you are doing on behalf of families and children. I wish we had someone like you here in Elkhart CO.
Keep up the good work.

Jamie said...

Did you also get a box for your daughter??? :)