Monday, June 29, 2009

An American In Honduras Writes To "The Wall Street Journal"

The following letter-to-the-editor answered a Wall Street Journal article. Keep in mind that the Obama administration is siding with the leftist president and Chavez. The Honduran Supreme Court, the Congress and the military all agreed that the elected president was holding a illegal election. They constitutionally and peacefully removed him. The couple of hundred protesters are part of the 800 Venezuelans Chavez flew in before the attempt at holding an unconstitutional election.


Several months ago, Hugo Chavez sent energy saving light bulbs throughout many parts of Honduras to be disbursed. It was only one of the many attempts President Mel Zalaya has used, together with his buddy Hugo Chavez, to ingratiate himself to the Hondurans in preparation of the constitutionally illegal attempt for re-election of himself after his legal term ends. Light bulbs were given to those who have sporadic and unreliable electricity, and to the many who do not have electricity.

For both the haves and the have-nots, the attempt to purchase votes using light bulbs was demeaning and corrupting. It is something that the freedom loving people of Honduras, both the educated and the less educated, could see without the light bulbs.

What happened on Sunday in Honduras is a refreshing blast of the freedom loving spirit of 1776, something that is now so foreign to the majority in the USA it is not even recognized as democracy in action. Hondurans through constitutional means ousted a president who conspired to become the single and perpetual leader, dictator, and ultimately despot.

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