Friday, June 26, 2009

Eye Care Clinics In Honduras

Eye screening came first. This is in Belaire at one of three clinics I support. Two VOSH (Volunteer Optometrists Helping Humanity) members, led by Dr. Chris Barry of Bellevue, are doing the first screening. My organization arranged for the visit and hosted them. It was a great trip! Very successful!

Lines at all three sites were long all day. This is in Jutiapa where we set up at the office of a good friend of mine.

After exams glasses were distributed. Docs brought all the fancy equipment that you have in your optometrist's office. The docs worked inside small HOT rooms. There was no air conditioning.

Here is the inventory sitting on top of a mud stove. 800 people were seen. Ten percent had cataracts! I want to go back down with a surgeon now that we have identified those who need surgery.

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