Sunday, June 14, 2009

Brame Oversight Panel...Please Attend If You Can

Message from friend Dave Wood:

The Braam Oversight Panel meets tomorrow (June 15) starting at 1:00 pm in the Cherberg Bldg, Hearing Room 3, on the Capitol campus. It continues Tuesday morning at the Red Lion Inn directly across from the SeaTac Airport. Public comment will be taken. See the agendas on the Braam Panel website. This is the closest thing we have to any official agency holding the Children's Administration accountable for anything. For those of you who don't know, it grows out of a class action lawsuit against DSHS several years ago in Whatcom County for children in foster care being moved many many times and other supposedly forbidden acts like separating siblings in foster care. Late notice, I know, but it's worth sitting in for anyone who has the time. I will be there to try to keep the bureaucrats, including the new DSHS Secretary, all sweetness and light, as honest as possible. Colville may not even be mentioned, for example, unless we bring it up. And thanks, Cheri, for alerting me. I would have missed this summertime gathering. Dave


infinite freedom said...

Dylan has not seen any family member for over three years.

Senator, we'll be there, too bad they don't allow bells in the Cherberg building. We'll take 'em off when we go inside.

Thank you Senator and Dave, -infinite freedom, -DYLANS' MOTHER-

Anonymous said...

It is said that the "Wheels of Justice turn slowly." As far as cps is concerned they seem to be turning backward.
I read the King5 comments page on each of the stories about Poca. I feel a great sadness as I read and it just seems to be a big cat fight over Poca. Lots of sniping and declarations on who is right and who is wrong. It seems they are missing the point all together..We need to band together and fight this evil that is stealing our children for profit and their own selfish gain. Even the egos of some play a role.
I pray that everyone stops the squabbling and finger pointing and just get a move on the corrupt system that put children into situations such as this. We need to stop spinning our Wheels and move forward. I feel sure cps has a hand in the goading on the comments pages and are enjoying how easy it is to get these people to fight among themselves instead of attacking the real issue which is our corrupt system from the governor all the way down to the individual social worker.
Is there a way to steer those comments in the right direction?

Ackleymom said...


Thank you for all you do.
I found out yesterday that my year long appeal failed. The state won.
Guess its time to go to washington state supreme court huh? Ha, I am a mother..and nothing will keep me down when it comes to my children.
Please visit their blog page..

( does the braam panel care to hear my children lived in separate homes for months? Or that my 3 year old has been bounced in and out of 15 foster homes???)

infinite freedom said...

It was a very good hearing on the 15th. We didn't attend today. The Childrens Admin made pretty of an ugly, horrifying monstrosity.

The panel was bland.

There were two young people who had both been victimized by the system, who were among the first citizens to speak. The room was filled, and the us outnumbered the them. Many families spoke.

Again though, I still wish for my ignorant bliss back. This bureaucracy is the most overgrown, failure the government has ever had.

True that they don't fallow the laws, but what needs to be done hasn't even been written.

The entire systems' efforts are for social workers to replace families. No where on that road will you get to a healthy family.

Not that it can't be done. It's that it can't be done by Washington States' relentless political agenda.

Where are the people Washington State government? Where are the children?

infinite freedom said...

I also wanted to say thank God for those two brave young people. If either of them read this, I wish them both every blessing in the world. I know what the state has taken from them, the same thing that they take from hundreds of thousands, their ability to be a family.

& you won't know how much it hurts until you've lost it yourself.

Many in the club were at the meeting Senator.

We could give it back to them, if we had a concerted effort. Without that, WA will just keep taking.

CC Tillett said...

Dear Senator Roach,

Just so you know..The filmed version of both Brame panel discussions..All families comments were cut.

Why would you not want the public to hear these families plights?

What's your fear?

Shameful the lot of you are. We will get copies of what you redacted from the public and make sure it is publicized world wide.

Censorship at its best.


CC Tillett
Washington Families United
Child and Family Advocate