Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kindergarten In Germany

I really like the kindergarten teacher. She is over 50 and has spiky hair!

I have to hand it to Sadie. Every morning she gets on the bus and goes to school not knowing the language. And, she loves it!

Today I visited and didn't understand a word of it! But, the teacher was animated and fun. I could tell she loves her work.

Inga speaks fair English. She rides a scooter to work and her husband, Conrad, has the car. She has lived in this town of 400 for 51 years and her mother was born here before her. The Catholic Church across the street was built in the 1700's. The Allied Army marched right through here. This was really a time to wonder.

Today, USAF A-10s and F-15's leave contrails in the sky over the heads of Sadie and the other children. Somehow, the jets link the future with the past. The church and the children. America and freedom. It was a quick lesson in history...just leaving the church and the school and looking up to see our mark in the sky which has been there for 65 years now.

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