Monday, June 8, 2009

Lilly Not Out Of The Dark Forest Yet. She Is Still Held Against Her Will

In Germany's south is the Black Forest. The trees are so dense that you cannot see the light above. It is a scary place where evil lurks.

Sadie, (4), did not have a book of fairy tales so I bought one at Ramstein Air Base. We snuggled on the couch after Jack (2) was in bed and I read to her, "Hansel and Gretel."

What an awful story! There is a father who lets the evil step-mother take his kids out into the forest to abandon them to the wolves. The kids meet a witch who is a cannibal. After weeks of mistreatment, Gretel saves the day by shoving the old witch into the oven where she dies an awful death. When the kids find the jewels and head home they learn their wicked step-mother is dead. Hansel and Gretel then gleefully share their riches with their old man who should have been thrown in the dungeon as an accomplice to attempted murder.

Stories for children are sometimes dark. And, today's real life stories are often dark.

While I have been gone I have been working for Lilly. She was taken for no good reason. Progress is being made. Susan Dryfus, new DSHS head, does seem to have the right philosophy...Families First. Her test will be how she deals with the establishment she inherited. Can she implement the law? Her test will be to remove her road blocks.

Will Lily make it out of the forest? Will she be unharmed? (Not a chance on the second question.) You can bet all the jewels in the world couldn't heal her problems created from childhood trauma.


Anonymous said...

I really hope she can bring "change" to this dept. Yet,I have seen their lies and cover ups so I will believe it when I see it.
I never would have thought so many people could come together in one department and be able to do what they do and live with themselves and know there is nobody to answer to.They carry on like a pack of wolves let loose on a chicken farm.

Joe said...

I worked a visitation supervisor for a time and in pierce county there were cases where a child bonded with the foster parents would visit them every other weekend as the courts acknowledged that many relationships are better than few and "families" come in many sizes and shapes. I cant speak to lilly's "will" though most kids seem to share their adults just fine and appreciate the extra attention. Would it not be best for these adults to share the child in some sort of custody agreement ?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fairy tales, consider the Disney movie, Dumbo. Here a snoopy, judgmental pack of community members attack the child's birth defect then they jail the mother and remove the child when she tries to protect him. The court is a circus, and the foster parent a mouse who expoits his talents and puts him in danger. He got one visit and the foster parent acted like he was doing him a huge favor. That was after he "failed to protect' Dumbo after he drank the hallucinogenic and they ended up in the tree.
The "circus court" finally relented and gave the mother back custody after Dumbo made them rich.
Moral of that story, pay off the right people, they leave you alone and stay away from circus courts.