Monday, June 29, 2009

From Another Reader..."Is There 'Trafficking' In Children Through CPS?"

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I have not reviewed this material...but what the is part of the national discussion and in the spirit of the 4th of July..let it rip!


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Amazing.....cut and paste this two need to hook up!

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Very obvious that there is trafficking in CPS. The stories are the same; just different people!

Anonymous said...

the Swan Case (Washington) is a fairly typical example. Bill and Cathy Swan each spent over 3 years in prison on child abuse charges which were supported by evidence so contradictory and misleading that Harvard Senior Law Professor Charles Nessen refers to the Swan case in his classes as the worst miscarriage of justice in the American Legal Profession. Nessen also wrote an amicus curiae brief to the court of appeal urging the case be overturned. In an ultimate parody of justice, the Swan case is now precedent for the use of hearsay evidence to corroborate hearsay evidence.