Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Appointment With Director Dreyfus Tomorrow

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with our new director of DSHS, Susan Dreyfus. While I was in Germany I had a long conversation with her and I find her to be very concerned about making sure we are doing the right things to keep families together and at the same time protect children who really are in danger.

I look forward to our meeting and hope readers will all respect the fact that the conversation will be confidential. My understanding of the issues is known by any reader of this blog. I will communicate my concerns and leave with her a written list of suggestions.

In the meantime, there is a new home study being done for Lilly's good grandparents. I have hope that this one will be fair and not full of lies and distortions. And, another case has just come in today. Yes, another 3 year-old girl...No surprise, huh?


Anonymous said...

Please make sure she knows that Children's Admin (I'm in the King West office) does little to reunify families and so my only guess is they are married to the foster parents. Also, the kids with the real issues that really need help are returned to substandard homes, while the "good kids" especially it seems the babies and very young children are kept in foster homes. I am sickened by these people. These well-meaning foster parents are severly misguided.
Thanks for you call! Catherine Reynolds

SendSamHome said...

Dear Senator,
Please tell her families are living in pain everyday because Children' Admin has too much power. This at the root of the problem. My only sona nd I have been suffering for almost 2 years!

Anonymous said...

OMG another child...? When will this end?

strawberryblonde said...

And Brian is invaluable to the office!

Anonymous said...

Yes, another child. My only child was taken when he was only 5 months old. When CPS contacted me to investigate, I ignored them because I didn't know who they were! So Lisa Ball the investigator marched her childless self to court and got an order from the judge to remove him from my care. She arrived with another socialworker and a policeman. My son has been in fostercare in auburn for almost two years. Childhaven is just as much to blame as DSHS if not more. You would not believe the things I've had to endure.- am a 41 year old woman, and graduated from the _niversity of Washington, and CPS determined and sent me a certified letter stating that no abuse or neglect was found.
BUT we are strong and we are smart (my son and I) and we will win this thing.
Thanks Senator for giving us a forum!
Catherine Reynolds
Send Sam Home