Friday, August 14, 2009

And Drunk With Power...The Liberal Lets It Rip

If they aren't careful they'll give "liberal" a bad name again with those important swing voters!

This one has made the rounds in emails. It is a video of a congresswoman saying she would have the government run the oil industry. She is an unabashed socialist.

Take a look at the first comment. What an idiot! What? You want government taking over everything that is private? Kids too...right? Government can always do it better. Find another blog. This one isn't for you. This one is for people who cherish freedom. This one is for people who understand what government can do with unrestrained power. Chavez controls the oil in Venezuela. Good deal right?


Anonymous said...

whats wrong with the government running the oil industry ? Oil is a vital commodity to our whole way of life. Its become as important as water. What are the police or Medics going to do if they cant fuel their cars ? Whats going to happen to the economy if we cant trasport goods via plane and ship affordably ?

safariman said...

Now, thanks to Chavez and the Venezuelan Congress, the Government will take over their kids education and curriculum, in all schools, Public or Private! From age 3 on.

Well, now, kids are important to all of us. Why shouldn't the government take over?