Saturday, August 8, 2009

Stand Up! Stand Up! Come Forward!

The following came to my blogbox just like you will read it. My comment: If you are an elected official like you say you are then pick up the phone and call me! Join the fray. I don't care if you were elected to the cemetery board...get out and fight!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Susan Dreyfus To Head DSHS":
I am a politician; have a foster license; a sibling at home; a clean record; over thirty years in the same community. Parents said, let mom adopt the baby; judge said, "Intervention denied." The foster adopt home is a better placement; she is happy there (not so). Baby had lived with us; we are the de facto home. Yes, they do and say anything they want with no regard for the child who is suffering in a strangers home and without their biological and loving family. Families are being destroyed all across the nation by this organization. How can Susan Dreyfus have the time to undo the damage that has been done in Washington State? Will she help CPS gain even more strength to take more children for less than abuse or neglect? Will she realize that taking children is now about the almighty dollar and against the principals of Almighty God? I am not a senator, yet, but when it happens to them, they will move fast, and they will do something about this. The children need to be saved from CPS, their rules, their services, their impromptu scheduling and visits that leave a family so confused as to what constitutes a "normal" life for their child. The taking of children is about the money they receive for the foster to adopt. If the federal government would raise the "incentive" to adopt to the biological family instead of strangers, families would be together today; you can bet on that, and take it to the bank. We need to write to the federal representatives about making this happen. Then CPS would truly work to get children home, and/or with a biological family member.

And minutes after I posted this I got this one in the box! Elected Official...I like you! Call my Senate Office at 360-786-7660.

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Stand Up! Stand Up! Come Forward!":

Hello Pam; Yes, I am fighting hard in my small community. I stay in contact with my legislators, almost on a daily basis; I give them a daily update. I was in Olympia for the legislative meeting this year; I attempted to see you, after knocking on every door, but you were feverishly busy. Tell me how to contact you and I will give a call! Since I have a pending case, I choose not to use my name on this site, but I will let you know when we speak.



Anonymous said...

Federal politicians will likely not touch this with a 10 foot pole..Washington state isnt unique in having a DSHS that everyone is trying to sue and few at th federal levels have had the civil courage to investigate from that direction. Family and Children is like gay marriage and right to die..its considered "state's rights" issue and the federal people will just pass that buck down to the local legislatures. Pam can afford to tackle this issue but you arnt going to see many other political supporters. Its too big, too divisive..

note to readers..invoking the "Almighty God" is not helping the cause. Washington in an atheist state..something like 73% dont attend any form of worship..regardless of your reason supporters we need are going to see that, roll their eyes and dismiss you argument.

Anonymous said...

It's negative thinking like this that keeps our state in turmoil. This is a "free country" ...nation, supposedly, and since CPS has a passport to do what they want; say what they will(without proof) and take any child they choose, we, as citizens should not be judged for our freedom of religion. Since we are judged, regardless, what difference does it really make anyway? I personally "love" having God on my side. I, personally, appreciate the prayers that are coming from my senator, legislator and representive. We can use all the help we can get. Thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Could not get all "individual" complaints in front of you during session. There was a great deal of overload in regard to DSHS across the country. All day, every day people wanted one on one time with you even though they were out of state.

One woman called from Hawaii, would not identify herself. She wanted you to fly her on your "private" jet from Hawaii to SeaTac.

Out of district cases, we referred to their Senator and Representatives and kept them informed of upcoming events such as the rally and hearing.

Anonymous said...

Do you know over 70% of children in foster care end up in prison, more children in foster care suffer from PTSD then vietnam veterns, and only 3% get a college degree