Monday, August 10, 2009

Blackberries, Blackberries, Can't Hide From Grandkids

The garden is coming on strong. Thank you, Jim.

While I work out of my home office...Jim is harvesting and putting up pickles and jam. Sunday night five grand kids went with Jim and Rep. Roach and son, David, to pick berries down by the pasture.

It was a great crew! Jim pulled the pick-up close to the thicket to reach the high parts. Davis (2) was down low...He came back with a McDonald's medium sized cup full of blackberries. The berries didn't have a chance!

You should have seen the faces and hands!



Anonymous said...

heh I though you meant like the grandkids were raiding your handheld for games :)

Anonymous said...

My fondest memory of a blackberry harvest lingered on for a long time. A big purple stain on my white leather car seat. I can laugh now!