Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Reader Comment Shows Interest But Lack Of Understanding

"maybe its time to move on and spread your efforts to other children's cases..there are more kids out there with far far more horrible stories than lilly..."

Dear Reader,

Your comment gives me a chance to straighten the chairs.

I am a citizen legislator and we are part-time (though the work is full time if you kept track of the hours). I have many things that I do that I do not write about in this blog. Therefore, with limited time I have to focus. The focus in this subject matter is to let the public know what is gong on at CPS and hope that changes will be made in the general operation at the department. We don't have to have legislative changes for 80% of wrong doings. They simply need to follow the law. (NOTE: This blog is something I do in my spare time because I am an advocate for openness and accountability in government.)

In the case of Lilly it boils down to this: An employee wrote a bad home study. The child was taken from the grandparents based on the home study. If the child was taken on a false and I believe malicious report...should the child go back to the grandparents or permanently kept away from them?

The story around this issue would only be "trappings," interesting things many of which themselves are egregious.

But, if the department can take a child based on lies from a report...then they can continue to do so. Right now that is exactly what is happening. Is that right? NO. It is not. The department, having erred for whatever reason...should be busting its collective ass to correct the error.


Anonymous said...

A victory for Lilly would be, in the long run, a victory for all.

A battle such as this could ultimately change law.

This victory for one may be the one victory for all.

Maggie NYC

Anonymous said...

Dear Senator Roach,

I just love it and throughly respect you when you speak the truth.